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New York Aerial Video & Photography Service Company

Looking for someone who can help you with your aerial photography needs? Living in New York? If the answer to those two questions is yes, then Global Drone Video is at your service. We are a hardworking and enthusiastic bunch with a love for still photography and videography done via remote controlled drones as well as manned aircrafts. We provide some of the latest and trendiest aerial videography facilities in numerous cities, including the big apple.

We strive to deliver the best aerial footage by combining the wonders of modern technology with artistic talent so that you get your money’s full worth. We offer every kind of aerial videography facility imaginable and that too at very competitive prices. Whether you are looking to capture the breathtaking views of the skyline of Manhattan or the stellar views of the Hudson River by night, Global Drone Video promises to deliver.

The aerial videography facilities we provide include everything starting from client consultations before we actually begin filming, to post production elements such as marketing. We have on board video editors who work closely with each client to understand the concept behind the video and use that insight to make sure that the final product conveys their message to the viewers. At Global Drone video we also have a dedicated team of search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing experts who will ensure that your video gets maximum viewership. A big component of our aerial videography facilities includes multi network video syndication. At your request, we can syndicate your video to more than 15 popular video sharing networks so that you can easily reach your target audience.

No matter what your project is or your requirements are, we can get as creative as you want and will film over any location of your choice in New York. Furthermore, we can even help you to find ideal locations that are appropriate for the task.

The range of aerial videography that we do is at par with the diversity and richness of New York. We are completely qualified to cover all types of corporate and business events such as product launches, indoor and outdoor exhibitions and conventions and conferences. If your business is such that it occupies a large physical space, our aerial videography is the perfect solution for monitoring it and tracking its progress (such as construction sites for example).

New York is also a favorite location amongst film and TV show producers and at Global Drone Video we have all the tools and services to assist them. We provide an efficient and fully trained supporting crew including hair and makeup artists. We take it one step further than most others by providing actors and celebrities as well who can travel to New York if necessary.

We can also do aerial photography for sporting events such as marathons and festivals such as Halloween or Christmas. We cover both one day events (for example, footage of the thanksgiving parade) as well as longer assignments, some of which can even continue for several weeks. Our aerial videography services are also great for tourism related activities such as virtual tours of the city or specific locations (parks, lakes, architectural projects etc.). Additionally, all footage is presented in HD format with the clearest audio.