International Tourism Aerial Video Service Company

Our business is built around the rapidly growing industry of aerial videography. The evolution in the technology of aerial videography has made it widespread. It is an excellent way to acquire information regarding infrastructure and archeology with the help of video mapping systems. Additionally, it can aid in mapping distinct features of a landscape. Also, aerial photography can help scientists measure the population of wildlife. The execution of aerial videography is crucial in several fields, which displays the scope and magnitude of our services.

Despite being able to aid in a study, by providing necessary data to researchers, aerial videography can also be implemented in real estate. The thought of aerial videography in real estate dealings sounds absurd. Realtors use our services, so that the property they want to sell can be displayed and presented to the customer appropriately. Nowadays, customers want to evaluate the property and the surrounding environment.

The services we provide are a perfect match for the field of sciences and research. Our services will capture and document an environment or an animal in its natural habitat, without acting as a stimulus. The services we possess enable researchers to conduct successful studies that lead to the discovery of new information and increase in knowledge.

It has become a very popular trend to use aerial photography to capture moments during a private gathering. Our services have been availed for all sorts of personal events like weddings, birthdays and even christenings. Aerial videography is also very commonly used to get full coverage of an event. The services we offer can be applied to numerous activities and fields. Global Drone Video enables customers to apply aerial videography at any event or occasion of their choice.

The Global Drone Video enterprises are located in many places. California, for example, is one of the states in which we have our business located in three different cities. Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego are the cities where aerial videography is thriving. Turkey is a popular destination for travelers and aerial videography is used in the promotion of this location.

Tourism Aerial Videography & Photography

Over the past decade there has been a growth in the tourism industry. The governments of several companies spend an unbelievable amount of money in promoting a location. Marketing and promoting a location is now considered crucial, as it has a direct impact on the rate of tourists. An increase in the percentage of tourists will boost the economy, and will inevitably benefit the country. 

Tourism is crucial to the economy of many governments. Hence, the importance of aerial videography has increased drastically. Aerial videography is relevant in this field as it helps create a beautiful campaign for a location. The tourism industry relies on the photography of locations to lure tourists into visiting a destination. Tourists decide upon a destination through several factors. When people began to plan a vacation the first thing they do is search for famous places and look at the photographs of different destinations. Pictures of these locations are captured with the help of aerial photography.

Tourism relies on the natural beauty, history and culture of a location to entice tourists. The services available in our company bring life to the tourism campaigns of any location. Our photos encompass the stunning scenery and landscapes, and symbolize the culture and traditions of a place. Many individuals think about visiting a place based on the pictures or videos they see on the internet, which are available through aerial photography. Such pictures depict an accurate view of the destination’s landscape.

Aerial photography has a great impact on tourism as it helps create an establishment shot. In these shots we try to develop a relationship between a place and the viewer or create certain feelings. This is necessary in the promotion of a place as every destination has a specific brand image that it wants to portray. For example, the Eiffel Tower may be pictured and then a couple holding hands, which will invoke feelings of romance and love. Hence, the governments of various destinations put an extra effort to utilize aerial videography to promote specific feelings in potential tourists.

Tourism related advertisements and campaigns not only create certain image of a place brand, but also reinforce the preexisting impression of any location. Through aerial photography we aim at promoting the positive aspects of a place. Highlighting these features is the job of the professionals working in the tourism industry of any location. Establishing shots are used to accentuate these features, so that viewers are tempted into visiting a particular destination. For example, if aerial videography was used to promote New York City then a scene will be shot that focuses on fashion, night life and art within the city. Then it would end by showing the Statue of Liberty or the New York Skyline. Within this advertisement the targeted audience will create positive associations with New York City, which will lead potential tourists to think about travelling to New York City.  All of this is successfully done through aerial photography and the services Global Drone Videos provides.