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What locations/metros do you serve?

Los Angeles, Ca Washington, D.C. New York, NY
Las Vegas & Chicago North America South America
UAE & Dubai Asia & Africa Europe & U.K.
London & Paris Canada & Mexico Australia

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payment via Check, Cashiers Check, Bank Deposit or via Credit Card or Pay Pal.

Client’s can make payments for our services online 24/7 by purchasing a service package on our website or pay custom amounts on our bill pay portal at: https://GlobalDroneVideo.com/billpay


Credit Card’s including Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express can be utilized and paid via Stripe or Paypal without creating an account.

What is a multicopter, quadcopter, hexacopter or drone?

Quadcopters, hexacopters and multicopters are similar to helicopters but have different configurations of blades which help give the aircraft lift.

Octocopters = 8 blades Hexacopters = 6 Quadcopters = 4 blades Tricopters = 3

Helicopters are generally cost prohibitive for aerial video production and photography as they can cost several thousand dollars per hour and carry many extra or hidden costs. Due to this, we generally use multi-copters which are a cost-effective way to get high-quality stable aerial video for our clients. Mostly we use quadcopters or hexacopters for our aerial productions which offer high-stability, an ideal weight ratio, and a more efficient operating platform.

What are the uses for Aerial Video?

Real Estate Construction Surveying
Events & Sports Expos & Tradeshows Action Sports/Extreme
Weddings & Celebrations Documentaries Golf Courses & Resorts
Film & Theater Commercials & TV Automotive Reviews
Races & Aerials Search & Rescue 3D Tours & Mapping
Interviews Specialty/Other Inspections
Tourism Reality Shows Family Videos

Is in-house video and photo editing offered?

We are a full service solution for our clients from planning to video production, video and photo editing, talent casting, location scouting, and even video marketing.

Speak to one of our consultants about your desired final result including: length, style of video (commercial, event coverage, action sports, tourism, etc), and other important factors to receive a quote. Our edited drone footage will be color corrected for you and optimized to provide the best visuals possible for your video.

Our finished product will be purely the aerial video you want and not all of the extra footage such as take-off, landing, in-air adjustments, etc unless you specially request this.

How smooth is the aerial video footage?

We use very high-end aerial drones for our video productions and utilize various Gimbals which are camera stabilizers on the drone so that the camera is always level and smooth regardless of the Drone/UAV in-air movement. Even in windy conditions we are able to capture beautiful HD or 4K footage without shake. Even further, we are able to smooth out any minor imperfections during the video editing stage using several techniques including video-stabilization, speed adjustment (slow motion can hide any camera shake), and other procedures.

How far and how high can the drone fly?

We are able to fly several thousand foot distances with our drones to cover as much ground as you need to cover. For large distances we will generally also operate a land vehicle to be able to safely retrieve our aerial drone from the air when it is coming down.

It is critical that we always have a line-of-sight with our drones for safety reasons of potential by-standers, traffic, physical property, and of course our equipment as well.

As far as height we are able to fly roughly 500 feet vertically due to safety reasons and some aviation regulations.

Are you able to operate at night and/or in non-ideal weather?

We are able to operate at night and can even utilize lighting equipment to ensure high-quality aerial footage is still taken.

As far as bad weather, it will depend on the circumstances. Our aerial drones are able to fly in rain, fog, and wind under 30 MPH. Wind under 12 MPH is recommended for the best footage.

Certain circumstances like high-dust may require us to cancel/postpone a shoot as it can harm our video equipment. Please speak to our aerial videography consultants in detail prior to the shoot about the location, expected conditions, and other related factors to ensure a smooth shoot without delays or problems. In certain low-visibility situations we are able to operate our aerial videography drones with pre-programmed GPS routes so that the UAv can film along several way-points even when our operators are having difficulty seeing the aviation equipment.

How long can you fly the drone for?

Our aerial drones are able to stay in the air for 15 minutes or longer at a time, depending on the equipment that we utilize. We ensure multiple batteries are brought to ensure a longer flight time to protect from unexpected shooting difficulties or extra footage that is desired. We can always utilize multiple drones for continuous footage needs such as live events, and assist with automatic video hand-off for more complicated broadcast needs.

To recharge batteries all we need is a wall outlet (preferred for extended fly time) or mobile power generator, it can take around 1-2 hours to fully charge our batteries.

Do you offer fully manned helicopter aerial videography?

Yes we do, due to the cost-prohibitive nature of using real helicopters it is generally reserved for large budget video productions as it can cost several thousand dollars per hour for the helicopter alone and is subject to availability in your location.

This may be required for locations that a drone cannot reach such as extreme heights or longer distances. Some camera equipment may not be able to be flown via drone and will require a helicopter, generally for major film or commercial projects.

Are we able to fly/film indoors?

It is totally fine to fly indoors as long as adequate room is available to ensure proper safety of property and individuals involved or in the vicinity. That said, we generally like to stay at least 8 feet away from people to ensure their safety.

How much setup time will you need on location?

Our expert team is able to be up and running in 5-10 minutes. In most situations we can arrive with our camera and drone already fully assembled and integrated for quick turnaround and lift off.

How many camera operators required for pan, roll, tilt?

Quite often for many projects we are able accomplish beautiful aerial videography with a single operator who can re-orient the drone left, right, up and down along with the tilt. Many of our drone’s utilize Gimbals which automatically keep the camera level and smooth even during most aerial maneuvers.

Double drone operators are used in certain circumstances when advanced flying and camera operation are needed to get the right shots. An example of this can be moving areas of focus such as in races or action sports where the camera needs to change focus and tilt while the camera operator is busy following the subject.

What types of cameras can be utilized for aerial videography?

The various aerial drones we use for videography can carry a variety of cameras ranging in weights from 1-13 pounds. Various drones and gimbals will have to be used depending on the camera type and weight chosen along with the level of quality the budget allows for. On the high-end of the spectrum RED Epic cameras for example cost around $50,000 USD where as a lower-end to mid-range Go Pro setup can be purchased for under a thousand and produce very different qualities of film. It truly depends on your need, also keep in mind, when producing video for the web, a lot of compression occurs which can take away from the quality of the camera you use. Therefore the $50K RED camera may be best suited for TV & Film purposes versus strictly the web and video streaming websites like Youtube.

  • Canon 5D Mark II, III, III
  • Canon EOS/Rebel Series, T2i, T3i, T4i, T5i, 70D, 60D,Sl1, and many more.
  • RED Epic & Scarlet
  • GoPro HD Hero 1, 2, 3
  • Sony NEX 5,6 7
  • Many other Popular DSLR, Prosumer, and Handheld cameras including smartphones

Can you provide a live footage monitor? Is it real time?

Depending on your needs we can provide separate monitors for the camera operator along with for the client, director, and production assistant to view the footage in real time as it is flying over the subject.

How much space do you need from the subject & for operation

We try to stay at least 8 feet away from our subject whether it is an actor or physical property. We generally look for a flat surface about 12 feet by 12 feet for lift off and landing.

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Our Video Experience:

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Video Production 95%
Video Editing 85%
Video Marketing & Syndication 80%
Actors & Video Hosts 74%
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