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Global Drone Video is the aerial videography expert you have been looking for. We serve various global locations such as Dubai, Mexico, Australia and North America including the very happening Golden State, California.

At Global Drone Video we strive for excellence in all kinds of aerial videography which includes both, high altitude and low altitude photography and filming. We work with a varied set of clients some of which require us for their business projects, while others use our services for private and personal needs. We typically perform RC drone aerial videography as well as pilot controlled plane based airborne videography in high definition, ensuring that you get the very best in visuals and with perfect audio to match.

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Essentially we cover absolutely anything and everything under the sun that you may want us to capture through aerial videography. Some examples of what we can do include filming of private events such as family get-togethers, wedding ceremonies and receptions along with all other celebratory gatherings. We also cover special events such as award ceremonies and graduations, giving our clients memories they can cherish.

We also have the experience and equipment to shoot for mega projects such Hollywood feature films, television shows, documentaries and independent films. Our crew is flexible and skilled and can swiftly perform even the most technical and arduous shots such as rising shots, close-ups, establishing shots and panoramic views. Not only do we offer our clients videography services, we also offer background support such as actors, lighting, costume assistance and complete sound and graphic editing. Since we put our client’s convenience first, we make sure that all of these features are provided even if they have to be flown into California!

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We also work diligently with the business community in California and ensure that all aerial videography and post production work is completed well within the time limit. For instance, we can shoot images and videos for architectural and farming projects so that the client can keep a visual tab on all the proceedings. Similarly we also collaborate with clients who want coverage for conferences and company sponsored events such as concerts and competitions.

Nature and adventure related photography and videography are also some of our specialties as California is home to a number of tourist activities and gorgeous locations. Using the best videography tools in the world, we are able to capture every detail from different positions to create a truly mind blowing film. The same goes for sports where we capture high impact moments such as leaps, jumps and falls so that nothing gets missed.

Some of the more rare types of assignments that we do include aiding rescue teams with visual material and comprehensive regional recording for mapping purposes. When you select us to carry out aerial videography for you, you can expect exceptional quality in terms of output and cost as we make it a point to charge as low a price as possible by utilizing all resources in the utmost efficient manner.

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Our aerial videography experts also provide clients with the ability to see live transmissions that allow them to see everything directly while it is being shot. This makes live coverage for local and worldwide telecasts possible with ease, which is a feature that has become very important for countless industries today.