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International Video Hosting & Production

Video Acting, Crew & Production Service Overview

GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM provides video hosting and production services to its clients. We specialize in providing hosting and production services for; real estate, commercial services, sporting events, music videos, private needs and surveying sites.

Our headquarter is based in Irvine, California, which provides easy access to customers over all 50 states. The client list includes many famous personalities around the world as well as many Fortune 500 companies. GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM provides hosting and production services to its customers’ videos to ensure:

  • Full service production, including the crew
  • Actors & Actresses, Video Hosts, Personalities, Interviewers
  • Celebrity Endorsers & Special Guests
  • Voice-over talent
  • Professional lighting
  • High quality audio equipment
  • Planning
  • Scouting
  • Location
  • Makeup

GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM can provide Hollywood style coverage for any event.

International Video Production & Video Hosting Locations Served

Los Angeles, Orange County, London, Dubai, Turkey, San Diego all these diverse locations and much more are served by GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM.

With headquarters in Washington, D.C and Los Angeles and presence in all 50 states, GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM has nationwide access and global access for major metropolitans  around the world.

Production and Hosting Service Overview

The following video hosting and production services are provided by GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM to make the coverage of your event look professional:

  • Originality: GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM will come up with an original and creative idea for your video shoot.
  • Planning: form the script to the shots everything will be pre planned.
  • Video subjects: the subjects will be scrutinized, if actors are needed for the shoot.
  • Set: GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM will examine the surroundings and determine the set.
  • Sound quality: High quality sound equipment will be used, to ensure optimal sound.
  • Lighting: professional lighting will be used to ensure maximum video quality.
  • Piloting services of drones from professionals.
  • Different angled shots available.
  • Ability to shoot under adverse weather conditions.
  • Shooting will be done under codes of morality, ethics and legality.
  • High quality DSLR cameras will be used on special drones to ensure optimal shooting.
  • Aerial drone Shooting techniques such as; crane moves, Wellsfar, side-slide, Fly-through and orbits are all available at GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM to make your shooting experience as comprehensive as possible.
  • Alignment of the flow of the video with emotional response of the customers.
  • There will be a leverage b-roll to cover up your cuts.
  • Optimization of video and text will be provided.

International Video Actors & Celebrity Talent Hiring:

All of the video hosting and production services provided by GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM aims to give you full service production with the optimum quality. GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM offers to hire professional actors and celebrities for your video production. This will really help increase the quality of your video exponentially. The talent hired can travel to the location of your choice.

All these services have the final aim of giving you the best video quality, with a clear and emotional message that your customer can relate to. With the technology and expertise available at GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM you are sure to experience the next level of video production quality and hosting.

The production costs and travel costs are subject to fluctuations, depending on the location you are shooting and its distance form the headquarters at L.A and D.C.