Aerial Event Video Coverage Service

Aerial Event Video Coverage Service

Aerial Event Coverage Global Service Company

The awe-inspiring, immaculate whizzing race tracks are best photographed from an aerial view. Here at Global Drone Video, we equip you with the option of photographing racing events in crystal clarity and razor-sharp intensity. The vigor and the enthralling intensity of the game is documented at its best – through the help of vigilant quad copters and drones. They are able fly at dizzying speed, matching the mounting velocity of the race.

Aerial race photography is especially mesmerizing when the race takes place on water. The drones capture high-quality, exciting imagery of boating racing events – evocative of the true essence of the electrifying sport. The video shoots capture everything from the get go till the last lap; the gushing water and the roaring wind, everything is effectively encapsulated and recorded through the eyes of the drones’ camera equipment. The drones are able to fly around and take stunning photographs from all angles and distances. The all-inclusive 360-degree panoramic views are especially stunning in aerial photography. You can immediately see, at a glance, the scope of the race. Through aerial photography and videography, it is like watching the race from the much-coveted high-top seats. The drones are also able to fly along the racers, so you can literally see everything from the participant’s eyes; how the participants roar by and the sheer magnitude of the force when it hits you – everything is recorded carefully and beautifully here at Global Drone Video.

Documenting the Vigor and the Valor of Events With Aerial Video

The aerial photography and videography is perfect for all types of racing events, especially, the very-exciting horse racing; the drones’ photography guarantees to literally capture the dust being kicked off by the hooves of the horses as they pound and tear ruthlessly along the racing track. Other racing events which can be easily shot by aerial drones include car racing, boat racing, safari desert racing, motorsport racing, and swimming.

Aerial Event Video Coverage

Other exciting ventures at Global Drone Video include all types of events coverage which include weddings, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, exhibitions, commercial/marketing events et cetera. We are committed to documenting your memorable moments in the finest possible way and all events, be it any types at all, gain from the stunning imagery shot by drones. Especially marketing events benefit from the live feed of aerial photography and shooting, it can be directly broadcasted and highlights can be documented and shown to build immediate hype and clamor.

The never-before seen angles and distances add to the events: the much-needed glamour-factor. The advantages of aerial cinema brought to you and your events by Global Drone Video equip you with high-quality, HD photography and videography. The imagery captured by the state-of-the-art cameras and drones provide you with a variety of images including those taken at eye-level, up till impressive soaring heights. In addition to the pictures and the photography, the video shoots will be nothing short of amazing.

Aside from video shooting and photography, Global Drone Video also equips you with the added advantage of editing and tailoring all videos and photos according to the client’s needs.