Real Estate Aerial Video Service

Real Estate Aerial Video Service

International Aerial Video for Real Estate Service Company

Whoever said real estate photography had to be standardized and dull? Have you ever wondered why everything looks so picture-perfect when you are staring down at city plains from your airplane window? Well, because it is picture-perfect – once viewed from up in the air. Ground photos just do not cut it anymore; this is the day and age of new angles, stunning newfangled orientations, and sights. Whether your commercial or residential property to be showcased is in the United States or another country such as Canada, England, Germany, China or many others we can help. Our experienced drone video production team is ready to travel to you!

Newport Beach, Ca and Irvine, Ca Orange County Realty Videos

Serving realtors across Orange County out of our Irvine, Ca Headquarters office with high quality real-estate videos to showcase their residential and commercial properties whether they are waterfront in the Corona Del Mar, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, San Clemente, Huntington Beach or other beach cities or inland in areas such as Irvine, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Rancho Santa Margarita and more.

North VA, MD, Washington, D.C., Reston, VA and Fairfax County Videos

Aerial video services to feature your commercial, residential, and government organization’s realty properties whether you are by the Potomac, by Dulles Airport (IAD), or closer to the capital. Our Northern VA office is located in Reston, Virginia close by to all of the major metros of the area. Give us a call to provide a quote for your North VA real estate needs, we are already in the Commonwealth of Virginia’s vendor system listed underneath our parent company, ready to receive purchase orders and get you the video you need!

The Wow-Factor of Aerial Real Estate Video Shoots

Aerial photos and videos quite effortlessly trigger the spark of the much-needed spectacle and glamour to even the most ordinary properties. Gorgeous aerial photography and videos immediately add a solid stroke of allure to any and every real estate location, be it a residential area, a commercial property, a stunning golf course or an array of beautiful structures. Aerial photography and videography is not just limited to luxury-homes and exotic, dreamy locations anymore, you can quite simply take your pick of any property, any location at all and the results will be nothing short of breathtaking, we can guarantee you that, without a doubt.

Adding That Extra Aerial Video Dimension

All you have to do is let a high-end aerial drone, a remote-controlled quad-copter, whiz over and around your property and before you know it; you will be equipped with a never-before-seen footage of an otherwise seemingly regular property and location. It is, quite simply, phenomenal. Ground, straight-façade photos do no justice to any property; these photos are only presenting you and probable clients with half the picture. The moment you take the camera up in the air; everything changes; the mood, the overall character of the property is stunning from the aerial view. Aerial photos and videos add the missing ‘wow-factor’ to real estate photography and videos.

Shooting Anything From, Literally, Anywhere With Aerial Real Estate Drones

As opposed to the cumbersome full-sized aircraft, small remote controlled aircraft or drone enables you to fly up-close to a subject and capture zoomed-in, high-resolution image; you can literally capture the granules of concrete within a blink of an eye; as they say, perfection is in the details. Along with this, with the help of a cost-effective and efficient drone, you can fly down a close-fitting lane, in and out of windows to get the unbelievable shots from imaginable heights, points, and angles!

Here at Global Drone Video, we use contemporary, high-tech unmanned drones armed with high-end, specialized camera paraphernalia functioned to capture and produce some of the best, high-quality real estate imagery, photography, and video footage. The drone, or the aircraft, is connected to a live audiovisual display, through which we can directly control and capture all the angles and views that you were looking for.

There are several kind of angles and views that you can achieve through aerial photography, some of these include typical, aerial photography terms, like, the Bomb Shot, this relates to the direct, overhead shot of a property taken directly from above. Other angles include the Perspective Shot, and the Orbital Shot, taken at certain angles and distances to enhance the impression of a 3D view of any property.


Aerial Video For All Realty Events, Properties, Persons and Purposes

We, at Global Drone Video, aim to capture specialized high-quality video and photography for any individual or a business, for any occasion or real estate marketing. Our aerial photography and video services include residential photography, commercial areas, and properties, for special occasions, and promotional/marketing uses. In addition to this, we also extend our services to capture high-end quality imagery and video for golf courses, tourism-oriented aerial shoots, indoor and outdoor aerial shoots of beautiful structures and architecture. Here at Global Drone Video, we offer not only photography, but also image editing and video editing tailored according to the clients’ needs.