Aerial Drone Surveying & Mapping USA

Drone Surveying & Mapping Services for Engineers, Architects & Construction

We assist property managers, engineering firms, commercial and residential realtors, city planners, government, enterprise and other verticals with getting their property surveyed and mapped using the latest in drone technology and platforms. The best hardware and software is utilized to collect all the meta-data and footage required to guarantee the perfect result for our clientele.


Keeping a Keen Eye – From the Foundation Mark till the Final Stroke

Aerial photography and video shoots go hand in hand with multiple benefits. Aerial photography not only helps real estate look better and more attractive in pictures and catalogues; it also extends its usefulness during construction progress. With the changing technology and the ever-improving arena of photography, aerial photography has taken construction to the next level through all-inclusive aerial documentation.

Here at Global Drone Video, the photos and videos shot with the help of remote-controlled drones take crystal-clear images of construction sites from various angles and distances and provide a great insight into the general perspective of the site with the help of edifying videos and revealing imagery.

Aerial Monitoring of Construction Progress – Like Never Before

While managing a construction site, aerial photography lends an important hand in monitoring the progress of a construction project. What is better than scheduling several visits to the construction sites and a lot more cost-effective and efficient? The answer lies in aerial photography. It acts as an efficient, progressive reporting system, at best. You could get written reports or engage in verbal conversation with the site foreman to get progress updates, however, how can you really be sure? There is nothing more crystal clear than what you see from your own eyes.

Therefore, here at Global Drone Video, we provide you with the effortless, most perfect solution of visiting the site virtually, through the ever-vigilant up-in-the-air drone aircrafts, equipped with high-tech camera equipment. Along with several opportunities to zoom in on different parts of the site, you can instantly gauge the progress of the construction site through the bird’s eye view.

Land & Property Aerial Mapping Surveying

Aerial photography and videography is also extremely essential for surveying. There are several projects and activities for which aerial photography is extremely vital; these include mining, land surveys, ground surveys, and fishery surveys. Aerial photography here at Global Drove Video equips you with higher range, more focus, and with a consistent provision of high quality imagery and video shooting.

We provide you with excellent mapping and inspection solutions, which can be effectively applied in the fields of forestry, civil engineering, quarrying, architecture, and exploration, in addition to many other possibilities. With the help of our state-of-the-art technology and vigilance, we promise you first-rate results through 3D surface extraction, less lead-time, cost effectiveness, and impressive detail.

Our team can overlay 3D models of your construction project onto plots of land or even existing infrastructure and buildings. Advanced mapping and surveying processing can be done after the video shoot to ensure that you get the end result your team needs whether for research, competitive strategy, planning, or even legal requirements.

3D Tours Aerial Videos – Unparalleled Perfection

Nothing says ‘I literally felt like I was there’ more like virtual, 3D tours. Now, with Global Drone Video, we provide you with the exciting opportunity to film stimulating and fantastic 3D tours of just about anything – it could be the marketing campaign for the perfect dream home, the exotic location of a new restaurant, a stunning golf course, beach view, seaside luxury resort, or even a hilltop hotel. Anything and everything is possible with the Global Drone Video 3D tours.

The efficient drones can whiz up and around windows; fly in and out of doors, and fit through constricted alleys and streets and record every little detail that would otherwise be lost in a simple ground photo. 3D tours provide you and probable clients that you wish to target with the opportunity to see and view a location like never before, from unimaginable viewpoints, beautiful oblique angles, and panoramic 360-degree views. The power of 3D tours is guaranteed to leave you reverberating with an unparalleled impact and an everlasting impression of incredible magnificence and perfection.