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International Aerial Video Marketing Service Company

We provides Video marketing services to our clients and specialize in providing  video editing support for real estate, commercial services, sporting events, music videos, private needs and surveying sites.

Our headquarter is based in Irvine, California, which provides easy access to customers over all 50 states. The client list includes many famous personalities around the world as well as many Fortune 500 companies. GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM provides video marketing services to edit its customers’ videos to fit:

  • Customer branding strategy
  • Customer positioning strategy
  • Customer video placement
  • Customer core company message
  • Customer distribution needs

GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM specializes  in marketing your video with strategic perfection.

International Locations Served

Los Angeles, Orange County, London, Dubai, Turkey, San Diego all these diverse locations and many more are served by GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM.

With headquarters in Washington, D.C and Los Angeles/Irvine, Ca and presence in all 50 states, GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM has nationwide access and global access for major metropolitans  around the world.

Video Marketing:

Video Offers User Engagement

GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM offers video marketing as it is one of the best pays to increase user engagement. A user will feel much more involved when watching a video as opposed to seeing a billboard or a print ad.

Video marketing makes the meaning much clearer, through visual aids and customers can relate much more to imagery on screen than text.

Video Assists with Branding

To assist in branding, companies need to display an advertisement with a human side. Videos can display this human side much more quickly ad effectively than audio or text mediums can ever achieve.

Video Offers Positive Signals to Search Engines

Video marketing is a major plus for search engine optimization, as through video marketing you get:

  • Better link building, due to the fact that most pages with videos have a higher inbound link numbers.
  • Rich snippets are an easy way in which videos can help increase search engine traffic. Most people tend to click on snippets, more than they would text links.
  • Customer conversion rates are much higher through video marketing. Product videos lead to many more people buying the product, than any text descriptions.

Social Networks Video Marketing & Promotion Service:

Video marketing on social networks is a cheap and easy source to market your product.  GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM strategically places your product on relevant social media channels, so that you can optimize customer interaction.

YouTube Video Ad Campaign Creation & Management:

GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM recognizes the importance that YouTube has achieved as the go-to medium of online videos. GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM hence will make a specific YouTube ad campaign for you, so that you can achieve a much higher rate of success.

Re-targeting Customers:

GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM ensures you have repeat patronage. That’s why its video marketing campaigns are geared towards following up with customers. Repeat patronage determines the difference between success and failure of your product and GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM designs your online marketing campaigns to track and follow up with customers who show interest in your products.

Contrary to popular belief. Video marketing is a strategic process, which has much more to it than having a good video quality and cinematography. The integrated marketing communication has to be designed according to the brands core values and strengths. GLOBALDRONEVIDEO.COM recognizes this fact and ensures that you get the most relevant video marketing campaign for your product, according to your 4P,s of product, price, placement and promotion.