Why Drone Videography is Right for Your Wedding

Sep 23, 2015 | All About Drones

On your wedding day, everything should be just as planned. A beautiful and spectacular day, filled with magic and joy. While making these memories is more important than anything, you also want to ensure you will never forget a single moment on the best day of your life. Therefore, it’s crucial you capture every glistening smile, every heartfelt tear, and every drawn out hug. In this article, we are going to discuss how drone videography could be more beneficial to you than hiring a regular photographer for your special day, and great ways to optimize the usage of a Drone!


Avoid Scuttling Photographers


On your special day, amidst all of the excitement, there is typically a stressed out photographer. Rushing to the side of the blushing bride and glowing groom every waking second of the day, constantly attempting to capture the perfect moments, otherwise lost in the magic of the day. While this hard working miracle worker does not go unappreciated, they also do not go unnoticed. While they are photographing you on your big day, so are your guests; unfortunately, your guests are only catching photos of a slightly distressed and highly focused photographer, attempting to capture breathtaking photos of you. With drone videography, you have the convenience of aerial photography. This means that there is no physical being running to your side every time a silly laugh happens, or a sweet moment is shared, as it’s all photographed from above, putting a special and unique perspective on your special day.


Something No one Else Has


Back on the topic of those awesome, hardworking photographers, on your special day, you’re likely to want something special to just you! With no physical photographer, there are no assigned poses, or planned pictures that someone else may already have identically, hung in their home. With drone videography and aerial photography, you have the option of all your special moments being captured from a whole new perspective, without being in the way, without being posed, without looking like a picture everyone else already has. Originality is key when it comes to your big day!




Without all the heavy equipment to carry around, drone videography is ten times more convenient. There is no lengthy amount of time for setup, no waiting around for settings to be completed, focuses to be made, flash settings to be set up, etcetera. Nothing is worse than being an anxious bride, sweating your makeup off, waiting for your pictures to be taken! The aerial photography offers a fast and convenient option with fresh new angles, and ultimately, a happier bride and groom, which also equals a happier wedding party! Global Drone Video also offers in house video and photography editing to make the most out of all services offered and truly enhances the beauty of your day.


Drone videography, you can take an extremely stressful, but beautiful day and make it just a little less stressful! Enjoy the results of your choices when you have beautiful, unique, and personalized photos and videos to remember your important day, for the rest of your life.