What Makes One Drone Different from Another?

Sep 2, 2015 | All About Drones

Drones are becoming increasingly popular thanks to hobby stores, military operations, and even aerial photography. Drones have different names they can be called including an unmanned vehicle and a quadcopter. These are all relatively the same except that they can have different properties that help define their use. You can expect the ones the military uses to be exceptional quality with high graphics and a tougher frame while ones used for aerial photography to focus on the camera portion of it. Before you go out and purchase a drone, there are some things you need to consider. All drones are different and you want to find the one that meets your needs. Here are some things to consider:

Flying a Drone

Drones are not the easiest to fly. In fact, some people require continuous practice in order to be able to handle them. Finding a drone that you can fly with ease requires some thought to your skill level. You want to find one that is for beginners if you have never maneuvered a drone before. There are all different skill levels available. If you want to find a drone that is easier to fly, then you are going to want to find a more expensive one. Unlike radio control cars, drones tend to go up in price when they become easier to operate. This is because they have added sensors and features to help them fly.

Prepping Your Drone

Not all drones come ready to fly. In fact, some need a little work before they can start going in the air. You will likely see three different acronyms when you go to buy a drone. The most common is the RTF or ready to fly drone. These come ready as soon as you take them out of the box. This is the easiest type to purchase. A BNF is known as a bind and fly drone. This type of drone does not usually come with a remote. This means you will have to set it up with your current remote in order to get it going. The last type of drone you will find is called an ARF or an almost ready to fly drone. This type is usually missing a few crucial components and will require some work. In most cases, you will need to add a receiver and transmitter to get it going.

Find Your Purpose

There are many add-ons you can use to complete your drone. Before you purchase any additions to the drone, you want to figure out what purpose the drone serves first. If you plan on using it for videoing, you will need to add some stabilizers to it so you don’t get blurry images. If you plan on using your drone for long time periods, you will need to invest in a good charger. This will allow you to use it much longer without having to keep stopping to charge it up. A good remote controller can also be worth the additional costs. Do your research when it comes to options available for your drone.