What Are the Newest Ways Drones Are Being Used?

Jul 29, 2015 | General Aerial Videography


It seems like drones are everywhere now. They are delivering books from Amazon.com, landing on the White House lawn, fighting faraway wars, replacing traffic police, and taking pictures for private investigators. Their usage has been widely noted in combat situations in Afghanistan and have been spotted over other nations as well. Even with all this talk and news information, there are still a lot of questions surrounding drones.  There is even an exciting new field of photography called “Drone Videography”. With all this talk and new innovation, one has to ask, is there anything drones cannot do?

What is a drone? – In order to answer that last question, you have to answer this first question, what is a drone? Dronewars.net says, “Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS), also known as drones, are aircraft either controlled by ‘pilots’ from the ground or increasingly, autonomously following a pre-programmed mission.” A drone is, essentially, a robot that flies, takes pictures, and offers information on traffic situations and emergency situations, records weddings and mountain climbs, snaps moments of races and high profile public events.

How does a drone work? – Drones are often used in situations when the location is too dangerous or impossible for a person to work in. They are manned from a grounded location, but sent into the sky to take pictures, deliver pages, or even fire off weapons during war. A person, or set of people, monitor and operate the drone from a site that can be even be thousands of miles away. Drones can stay in the air for up to nearly 20 hours at a time before needing any refueling or maintenance recheck. If they are being used in a dangerous situation, the people operating them can safely control them from a remote location that protects their position.

Package Deliveries – Companies like Amazon and other high profile companies that make millions of deliveries a year, have already begun using drones to drop packages on customers’ doorsteps. This is most prevalent when customers live in hard to reach neighborhoods or remote locations. An address can be typed into the drone’s GPS system and it can be guided, or directed, to the correct location.

Aerial Photography – Photography of the African planes or mountain peaks in Nepal, can be shot from difficult to reach places with a drone, places that human beings and heavy equipment cannot reach. But they do not stile a photographer’s artistic talents.

Wedding photography – Ever dream of the world’s most unique wedding? You can have this drone videography or photography. Here again, candid photos and beautiful moments can be captured by drone photography that cannot be captured in the literal hands of other forms of the art.

Drone technology has made incredibly strides in recent years, and they will continue to grow in popularity, concern, and value. While some operating regulations are being explored by various legislatures across the country, and around the world, it is not likely that drones are going to go away anytime soon. Their purposes will only be further explored and reviewed as time goes on, but these are some of the newest ways drones are being used.