Using Global Drone Video to Market Your Resort

Mar 18, 2015 | Event Aerial Videography, Real Estate Aerial Videography

Drones have become an extremely popular way for real estate agents to sell houses in today’s tough economic times. Resorts as well have felt the crunch of the economy and are looking for marketing ideas to help them draw in business. Below you will find some reasons that using Global Drone Video to market your resort makes not only good financial sense, but good common sense as well.

Stunning Ariel Images and Video

With the introduction of drones, it became possible to take stunning images and video from way above your resort. Some videos of the spectacular sights that your resort and the town around it offer will do a lot to promote the resort for you.

Amazing Shots of the Inside

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this instance, a video is worth a lot more than a 1000 words. You can put your entire resort into as little as a 30-second video and know that everyone who is thinking of staying at your resort will get some amazing video coverage of everything from the rooms to the fitness center.

Embed Links into Your Videos

When you are using videos to market your resort, you need to be sure that you embed links into your videos. Not only will your customers get everything they want in that one video, they will be able to click the link and go directly to your resort to book their stay. If you are constantly looking for ways to market your resort and get the word out there, then using Global Drone Video to market your resort is the best way to see the success that you want to see.

Increase Your SEO

When it comes to marketing a resort, you want an online presence that speaks volumes. You will be able to increase your SEO, also known as search engine optimization, easily by placing target keywords in your videos as well. You Tube has a wealth of opportunities to help you with your SEO in your videos.

Save Your Customers Time

No longer will your customers have to wade through long blocks of text, pictures that may or may not be in focus, and tons of brochures to find out what they need too about your resort. They can find out everything they need to know in the video that you provide and it will only take them a few seconds to view them. On top, of that, you can always add a teaser video to the sequence to wet their interest and keep them coming back for more.

These are just a few of the reasons that using Global Drone Video to market your resort is a great choice indeed. From saving your customers time to getting amazing video of the outside and the inside of your resort, you can be sure that Global Drone Video has all of your needs in mind.