Totally Unique Uses For Drones

Jun 3, 2015 | All About Drones, General Aerial Videography

Until recently Drones, also known as UAV’s unmanned aerial vehicles, were only really known by the military, and used for military procedures. In recent years however, drones have become popular for everything from real estate to disaster relief. Below you will find some totally unique uses for drones that you might not have imagined before.

Disaster Relief

Drone videography is used often when it comes to disaster relief. Drones keep rescue workers from having to go into hot zones, which are spots that are radiation filled. It also helps to search for survivors in these areas or just to search for them where the naked eye might not be able to see. Drones are also used to deliver vaccines, medicine, and relief supplies to people in hard to reach locations.


Global Drone Video is your leading supplier of drones for photography. Drones are used for sports photography, wedding videography and about any other type of photography out there. For example, skiers use drones to follow them downhill to get Ariel shots of their descent. You simply take it out; it takes pictures as you go. Drone videography makes it easy to get those shots that are impossible, if you have to have a camera in your hand and makes it possible for you not to have someone do it for you.

Real Estate

At one time drone videography for real estate was said to be a no-no, and the practice was shut down. In 2012, however, a federal law was passed that now makes it possible for real estate agents to use drone videography to help them photograph and sell their properties if they choose too. It is also possible that drones have been used to take celebrity photos and the practice is growing more and more popular for reporters looking to get secret shots.

Helping the Wildlife

Researching wildlife has gotten a lot safer and a lot easier with the development of drone videography. Drones can easily navigate areas where it is dangerous for people to go, helping scientist to research and even help the wildlife that is extinct or in danger.

Environmental Concerns

Drones are now being used to catch plants and people who are dumping toxic waste in the world’s streams and rivers. At one time, it was almost impossible to catch these people, but drone videography is making it easier on officials to stop and prevent the problem. Environmental concerns are getting out of hand and everyone should do their part to help save the earth, drone videography is a step in the right direction.

These are just a few of the unique uses for drone videography possible today. From helping solve environmental concerns to helping with wildlife research, and from real estate to photography, drones can do a lot more than be useful to the military and the world is ready to prove it. If you don’t know much about drone videography, you can contact Global Drone Video and they will help you understand it today.