Top 3 Benefits of Real Estate Aerial Photography

Nov 19, 2014 | Real Estate Aerial Videography


Aerial photography is a term used to describe a method used to create images on the ground from a high position. The term usually refers to photos taken with camera which is not positioned on the ground. Professional photographers use different platforms to take photos like these – helicopters, airplanes, balloons, blimps, kites, rockets, parachutes and drones.

The first aerial photo was taken by French photographer Gaspard-Felix Tournachon over Paris in 1858. In 1909 a film camera mounted on an aircraft was used for the first time in history. The use of aerial photographs for military purposes has expanded during the WWI. Aerial photography today is used in many areas. For example, aerial photography is used in cartography, archeology, film production, environment surveys, video surveillance, art project etc. The advance of radio controlled aircrafts has allowed people to take aerial photographs at low attitudes. This advance was especially useful for the real estate business. Now, let’s take a look at the top three benefits of real estate aerial photography.

First of all, aerial photography provides views of houses, buildings and landscapes that cannot be seen from the ground. This type of photography can be especially helpful for larger properties. Real estate companies would surely present some property in a better way if that large property can be viewed from the air and by showing the roads and other features around that property. There is no better way to do that other than using aerial photography.

Furthermore, these photos can surely be a magnet for more buyers for any property. This type of photography is especially useful for homes and buildings which are surrounded by trees and ground photos in these cases are simply inefficient. Large real estates cannot be presented with ground photography. By using aerial photography you can show all the beauty and potential of a property with a single photo. So, instead of using 10 photos from the ground you can summarize everything in one aerial photo. This photography will provide clear view for the potential clients to understand the size of the property and its position.

Finally, aerial photography can be very useful for real estate companies looking for investors for larger projects. These investors don’t want to have a view only on the property. They want to understand the potential of the place by looking at the surrounding area (roads, access to power, how close the property is to certain services etc.). All these things can be viewed with aerial photography.

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