Three Ways Drones Have Evolved 

Apr 29, 2015 | All About Drones


The fight with the FAA over whether drones should be allowed for commercial use will probably rage on for years. However, recently in the debates, it has been decided that drones can be used for different civilian things. There are many ways that drones have evolved over the years. Of course, when most people think about drones, the first image to pop into their heads is a military aircraft carrying death and destruction. However, there are many different things that drones can do today for civilians and to help the earth itself. Read on below for three ways that drones have evolved.

Used for Special Events

In recent years, drones have evolved until people are using them for special events. If you are tired of you are tired of the video from your birthday parties coming out grainy, choppy, or with poor audio sound, you can now hire a company that will take a drone and video your birthday party for you. It is also possible to hire a drone to take video of your wedding.

You do not really need to get rid of your ground photographer, as there are some shots that you want taken up close and personal. However, a drone will take video from the sky and be able to get everyone coming to and leaving the wedding. It can also be used to video the bride walking down the aisle, for a special memory for the bride and groom later in life.

Used for Police Stakeouts

In recent years, police departments have started using drones on stakeouts, as it is much less dangerous to have a drone following a suspect around. This of course, does not take away the need to have trained officers on the scene, but a drone can take video of activity from the air and never be seen. You do not run the risk of your officers being spotted and hurt in the line of duty.

The rumor that only police are allowed to use drones is unfounded however, as anyone can hire a professional drone service today. They are no longer just for the military to send in on missions, you can use drones for everything from stakeouts to weddings or any event that you consider special and want to capture in a unique and amazing way.

Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents have decided to forgo the old-fashioned way of doing things with photographs for drone videography. Drones allow a real estate agent to take breath-taking pictures of the properties they are trying to sell from all angles. If you are a real estate agent, you do need to check the laws where you live, before you decide to use a drone however.

These are just three of the ways that drones have evolved in recent years. From using them for stakeouts to using them for weddings, you can be sure that these are not your military drones any longer and ready to descend on the civilian world.