Three Facts You Didn’t Know About Drones

Jun 17, 2015 | General Aerial Videography

Have you thought about drones? These small (or larger) aerial tools zoom through the skies quickly. They can capture video, delivery packages, or do many other things to aid individuals. If you have not thought of them often, it may be time to do so. That’s because there is a new rush to include drones in all types of applications. Sure, you’ve heard of these small aircraft-like devices, but do you know what they are capable of accomplishing? In some situations, they may make your life easier, improving your view, or even help you to get what you need faster.

Did you know Amazon may be using them?, one of the largest online retailers out there, is known for many things. That includes is huge inventory, super speed on delivery, and good customer service. What if you could get your package even faster, though? To cut costs and improve delivery times, Amazon is considering using drones to make deliveries. Imagine not having to worry about that delivery driver that puts your package in the hands of the neighbor every time. Package delivery is one of the best ways to use this type of drone service. With GPS and a few software programs installed, online shoppers can get what they need even faster.

Did you know they have numerous real estate applications?

You may know these small devices to be the type of tool the neighborhood kid uses to spy on the girl next door. However, high tech systems are now able to do much more. Drone videography is changing the way many are using real estate imaging. For example, with these systems, it is possible for surveyors to get a better understanding of the layout of an area. It can help in the process of construction and land management. It can help in park systems to pinpoint specific risk areas or aid in spotting pavement repairs over a long stretch of road.

Did you know they can help in wildlife, too?

Yet another way drone videography is changing the world is in the way of wildlife. Scientists and researchers long for a way to vide animals in the wild without disturbing them with human presence. With the use of drones, this becomes easily possible. Whether in dense wooded areas or open plains, it is possible to get up close to animals to see what their habitat is like, how they interact, and to monitor their health and well being. It can also aid in documenting the lifespan of animals or capture details about the environment that cannot be seen in traditional forms.

Whether getting up close is the goal or flying high to capture an image is, videography with drones is a powerful tool and it is one of the most exciting changes to the video industry in a long time. The use of drones can become even more powerful in the future when it becomes possible to achieve additional goals with these tools.