Most Common Misconceptions About Drones

May 21, 2015 | All About Drones, General Aerial Videography

The first thing that comes to mind when American’s think about drones is an unmanned aircraft sneaking through the sky, threatening civilians and property alike. In recent years however, drones have been used for everything from real estate to getting the best shots at your wedding and are considered to not be dangerous. Of course, with any new technology like this, there are going to be common misconceptions that need to be taken care of. Read on below for some common misconceptions about drones.

A Drone is Just a Model Airplane

A drone is an aircraft that is unmanned and can be controlled from just about anywhere and be unseen. A model airplane is usually flown in visual airspace and controlled by an operator that is right there on the ground. If this alone isn’t enough to tell you the difference, a drone is three times more expensive than a simple model airplane as well.

Drones are the Same Thing as Surveillance Cameras

There have been many concerns raised about drones invading people’s privacy, because they think they are the same thing as a street surveillance camera. Drones actually fly and can monitor things from the sky, whereas a street surveillance camera cannot.

Drones can only Stay in the Air for Very Short Amounts of Time

Other than the military drones, many people feel that drones can’t stay in the air more than 15 minutes at a time. That may be true for many of the battery-operated drones, which can stay in the air for well under an hour. There are however, many different styles, sizes, and type of drones to choose from, so it is highly possible to find one that suits your needs pretty quickly.

Drones can only be Used by the Police

The myth that drones can only be used by the police has been around for quite some time now. Actually, drones are now being used by real estate agents to market the properties they sell. They are also being used for birthday parties, weddings, and other special events where video is needed. If you have never used a drone for a special event, then you will want to hire a professional company to operate the drone for you. It is best to be safe and not tear up the expensive equipment that is used for these machines.

Should you Hire a Drone?

Hiring a service to use a drone to video your special event is said to be an experience of a lifetime. The choice of course is yours, but it is best to get recommendations and check references before you make a final decision on whom to hire.

These are just a few of the misconceptions about drones that need to be cleared up. These are just the most common. If you are considering hiring a drone for your special event, does your research, weigh the pros and cons, and make an informed decision before you do.