How to pick the best drone video & photography company in USA or across the globe

Nov 23, 2018 | Aerial Videography for Weddings, All About Drones, Event Aerial Videography, Real Estate Aerial Videography

How to pick the best drone video & photography company in USA or across the globe

Licensed & Insured Drone Video Pilots in USA and International

When picking out a drone video or photography company for your project there are several important factors that you should look for! We have compiled a list of a few things that you should assess when picking out your drone team, we hope it ends up being us but either way we created this blog and resource to help you identify key factors.

One of the initial ones is communication, we are able to speak to our customers at the times they need as often that is mission critical and sometimes flight dates need to be changed for last minute event changes, weather changes and more. We make our team available and respond to customer questions as soon as they come in. Often immediately or within the hour even on holidays and weekends.


Drone services for events, real estate, 3D mapping & surveying, broadcast, tv & film and more

While some companies just specialize in one field some are able to help you with various needs of yours. Our firm for example has a vast team of pilots all over the world and throughout the USA that are close by and ready to help. Whether you want to film a hobby of yours such as you biking or have more complex 3D mapping needs our engineers or expert drone pilots will compile a simple quote for you to cover all of your needs.

Does your drone company have easy to access support and project managers? Many projects are needed to be filmed on weekends, holidays, during early or late hours, and our team and project managers are available to our customers on the phone, via email, social media and even via text message once a project is started…. How is that for service?


Do they offer a free quote for drone videography and photography services?

Be aware if you are talking to a company that charges you for a quote, estimate, proposal or consultation. Here at Global Drone Video (GCV) we NEVER charge our customers for a free quote. Often times we end up doing quite a bit of research sometimes even tens of hours of research in order to give a customer a quote for a complex project. We have had a wide variety of national chains and companies reach out to us but also governmental agencies like the EPA, swat teams, and non-profits protecting wild life and we never charge them for quotes, only for service once they choose to go with us!

One customer wanted us to survey hundreds of acres of land in order to find out if and where a egg or birds nest was for an endangered species. We had to speak to several of our operators to figure out the right lidar equipment, height we needed to fly at to not disturb the endangered species and the zoom capabilities necessary to find the bird. Even more importantly, we had to analyze the time and software it would take to review all of the footage so that we could come up with a quote for the customer to help protect this animal and see where they were.

Again, regardless of the complexity of your job whether multi-location or covering thousands of acres we provide a free quote. Even major power companies turn to us for quotes on the cost it would take to survey hundreds of miles of land where they have or want to develop power stations or power poles, again free quote!