How to Create a Unique Wedding Video with Drone Videography

Oct 21, 2015 | Aerial Videography for Weddings, Event Aerial Videography

When planning your wedding, there are a lot of things that you have to think about. From deciding on the location, to picking out your dress, the planning never ends. One of the important choices, that does not get the same recognition as other decisions, is who you will hire to do the videography. While you could go with a normal videographer, why not choose something a little more unique? Drone videography, which is growing in popularity, can really give your wedding video a whole new look. Here are some ways that you can create a unique wedding video using a drone.

1. Get a View From Above

Get a view of the venue and ceremony from above as it is taking place. This can catch all the beautiful scenery, as well as the wedding party itself. It is also a really great way to catch the beginning of the vows from an angle not normally scene. By catching a view from above, you can create some really impressive and even romantic moment of memories from the special day.

2. Create a More Interactive Video

By having the drone going around, wedding guests may not be so shy about saying something special and kind to the new couple. It allows for them to give their congratulations in a way that can you may not be able to really catch with average photography.

3. Have a More Cinematic Feel

When you spend months planning your dream wedding, you really want to capture the moment as best you can. Drones provide an opportunity to really make your wedding video seem as if a director rather than just wedding videographer did it. This is sure to really give your wedding video something that not all videos have.

4. Catch Some Time Lapsed Moments

If you get married at sunset, you can have a moment in your wedding video that is time lapsed, showing the sunset leading up to the exchange of vows. Time lapsed videos are becoming more and more popular as ways of catching special moments, but speeding up certain parts that are not as necessary to the video.

5. Catch Close-ups of Certain Moments

A drone can easily catch close-ups of special moments without having someone getting into your personal space too much. This can help to make sure that special moments, such as the kiss, get caught perfect on the video. But, to do this, you should be going with a professional drone videographer, who will be more skilled at handling the done.

Drones can help you to really make your wedding video unique. When your wedding is taking place in California, New York, Washington D.C., the Northern Virginia area, and many more, you can contact Global Drone Video to handle your wedding videography needs. Check out their website about the events they cover, who they are as well as the full list of areas that they serve. They will handle everything from filming to the editing on your behalf.