How to Choose a Wedding Videographer

Mar 26, 2015 | Event Aerial Videography, General Aerial Videography

More and more couples are opting for wedding videography than ever before. It’s no secret that video quality has improved dramatically in the last 10 years or so. There’s absolutely no reason not to take advantage of it.  Of course, wedding photos are still a must. Videos go one step further, by adequately capturing sounds, emotions and movements from the big event.

Hire a Professional

Even when your budget is somewhat of an issue, you absolutely need to earmark funds for a professional videographer. Why?  The answer is simple. It’s not uncommon for friends or relatives to offer their “video expertise” for the wedding. But, unless the volunteer makes at least a partial living in the industry, it’s recommended that you politely decline. In the unfortunate event that something does go wrong, you won’t have the luxury of a do-over.

Professional videographers work closely with wedding photographers to ensure that both individuals get the best shots possible. It’s probably not wise to hire the first person you contact. Shopping around allows you to compare things such as cost and filming styles.

Wedding Videography – Look at a Variety of Potential Portfolios

Never hire anyone without looking at his or her portfolio. Ask if you can look at one or two recent videos, in their entirety, instead of a pieced-together sample of the individual’s best work. Make sure you also pay close attention to the sound quality of each video. Doing so makes it much easier to decide whether or not the videographer’s style is a good fit with what you envision as the finished project.

In addition, ask for references and/or testimonials. These no better way to feel confident with someone’s talent and credibility than to talk to previous clients to find out if they’re satisfied with the service and videos they received.

Decide on Documentary or Cinematic Style

There are two different types of wedding videos, documentary and cinematic. A documentary videographer records things as they happen. The footage is then pieced together to create a great narrative of the event.

A cinematic shoot is staged, in somewhat the same way as a movie. This is the perfect choice for couples who prefer to have the video interrupted from time to time to have their guests talk or entertain in some fashion.

Wedding Videography-Related Questions to Ask

When interviewing potential videographers, it’s imperative to inquire about the following topics. This will make it much simpler to make an informed decision, in regard to hiring the best person for the job.

  • audio
  • lighting
  • turn-around time
  • extra costs involved
  • payment terms
  • type of cameras used


If you simply can’t afford to hire a wedding videography service, don’t panic. You might have another option. Ask friends and family to get together and gift the videographer to you. Guests want to be remembered as great gift-givers. Let’s face it, a group gift is typically more appreciated that duplicate toasters or wine glasses that just end up gathering dust in the cupboard.