How Real Estate Videography Improves Sales

Nov 11, 2015 | Real Estate Aerial Videography

Are you considering selling some real estate? Do you have real estate currently on the market that you need to add a little something to in order to make it sell more quickly? Well, have you ever considered using drone videography to boost your potential sales and eventually land a closing? If not, in the article below we will give you a few reasons as to why you should.

Stand Out From The Other Real Estate Companies 

To really draw attention to your property, you have to make people want it. Potential buyers look at property after property trying to find something distinctive that can make them really fall in love with your property. They get bored with looking at picture after picture. Then they happen along your listing and pause as they watch an aerial video that will showcase your entire property. Soon after, you will be setting up a showing and hopefully closing the deal.

Provides Walk Through for Those Who are Far Away

In order for someone to know if they will love a property, they first want to do a walk through. However, when moving cross-country a walk through can be hard to complete. Thankfully, with drone videography, this gets a little easier. Drones can take a video in any location and can shoot anything, anywhere. Therefore, you will not only be able to have an Ariel video of the property, but you can also film a walkthrough of the entire home so that potential buyers can look at the home and get a feel for it as if they were walking through it themselves.

Provide Video Tours Compared to Traditional Photos

Photos can only show you so much and from so many angles. It can often leave your property feeling as if it is missing something. If you choose to go with drone videography, instead you will be able to provide potential buyers with views from every corner and every angle possible. Therefore, they won’t feel like they are missing anything, and you won’t feel as if buyers are not seeing the property to its full potential.

Really, Show the Property’s Characteristics

Straight on ground angles really can only show so much of your real estate and what it has to offer. One of the best things about drone videography to help you sell your real estate is that it really helps show the true characteristics of your property. This way, buyers will be able to not only view your real estate from a straight angle, but from above as well so they can really get a grand picture of the overall feeling of your real estate.

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