How Does Drone Videography Work?

Sep 2, 2015 | General Aerial Videography

Any videographer understands the struggle of getting the precise angle at just the right height. While you may have previously been limited to where you can shoot, drones are making it much easier to catch that special image. Drones are small aircraft that can be maneuvered into almost any area in order to get a better view that would not be attainable in any other way. More and more photographers are seeing drones as a way to get better images and keep clients happier. These unmanned aircrafts are not the easiest to maneuver as it takes a lot of practice in order to get just the right shot. Understanding how drones can help capture a great video can be detailed by reading further.

Why a Drone?

Whether you are planning a wedding or trying to sell your home, you will want to get the best images possible. Typical shots may come out looking great, but you want to get videos that are not going to be the same run of the mill as you have always seen. During a wedding, there is so much happening in one place that it can be hard to capture it all. This is when a drone can come in and shoot overhead so that everything gets videoed. Having this special video from an angle that you would not be able to see otherwise is special for a bride and groom who want to look back on their special day.

When you go to sell your home, you want to set your house apart from all the others. This can be done by taking an aerial shot. Prospective buyers get a complete look into the property and how the house looks from above.  This could be the selling point of your home and attract buyers that would not normally be there. Having an aerial video of your home can be what takes your home to the next level. There are many other applications in which a drone video can help provide a better shot than someone videoing it on the ground.

Finding the Right Drone

When it comes to shooting video from the air, you need the right equipment. Not all drones are created equal. Some are used as more of a toy, while others have the capability of seeing hundreds of feet out. Before starting your work of videoing in the air, you need to research the various drones available on the market so you can ensure that you are choosing the right one. One tip you may want to try is to talk with other videographers to see what they prefer. They may be able to give you insight into what drones work best for aerial photography.

Getting the Shots

The best way to get the right views is by practicing with the drone. You are going to want to do plenty of test runs before you start working for hire. Your clients will expect professional shots. Read the handbook and try different things with the drone in order to become better at it.