How Can Drone Videography Help Your Real Estate Business?

Oct 7, 2015 | Real Estate Aerial Videography

Drones are becoming more and more prevalent in everyday life. While they were once banned, regulation is slowly becoming more relaxed. Meaning, now the market is open to the use of drone photography and videography, which can really make a difference in the way people do business. One area that drones can have a massive effect in is the real estate market. Here are some ways that done videography can really make a difference with your real estate business.

  1. Give Your Clients a Different Perspective of the Homes

Gone are the days of land-based photography for real estate agents. With the use of a drone, an agent can capture the view of the homes they are trying to sell from above, giving clients a bird’s-eye view of the entire property. By giving them this better, more wide-sweeping view, interested buyers can have a better understanding of the layout of the home before they even see it. They will be able to see what the house looks like from above, and the yard as well, all in a single go.

  1. A Great Way to Show Homes without Touring

If your client is, for some reason, unable to go on a tour of the home, then drone videography and photography offer a great alternative. The quality of these videos is much higher than average video footage. It will also make for a unique way of showing them home, as it can take clients on a virtual tour in real-time, giving them a clear understanding of the entire layout of the home from every angle.

  1. Puts You Above the Competition

The reality of it is people are looking for realtors and other business owners to go beyond the basic camera shots. When you tell potential clients that you use drones for your photography and videography, they are going to pay more attention to you. This is because, as mentioned before, drones are still an extremely new technology for the public, and any business that uses it proves to be intriguing to them.  

  1. Give a Better View of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate listings tend to be big, making it difficult to really get a good, full shot of the building your listing is in. With the use of drone videography, you can show the building from all sides, an aerial view of the parking lot, and the view from the floor your actual listing is on. This will help give commercial buyers a better idea if the property is really one they want to consider further.

These are only a few of the benefits of using drone videography when it comes to your real estate business. It is a serious piece of innovative technology that can put you a step ahead of the competition. For more information regarding drone videography, contact Global Drone Photography, a Drone videography and photography company serving New York, California, Washington D.C. Northern Virginia, and other areas.