Five Tips for Your Special Event Videography

Dec 30, 2015 | Event Aerial Videography

Looking for the perfect way to capture your next special event? Global Drone Video is premier spot to begin your search, providing customers with the ultimate aerial video experience to capture your special day. Drones are definitely an up-and-coming craft that can lend a fresh perspective to the tired old art of the video camera. Impress your friends and loved ones with a new type of drone videography that will amplify your special day and leave you with memorable footage to savor for years to come. Still not convinced? Here are five ways that drone videography can transform your special event from a dusty videotape to breathtaking multi-perspective experience:

State-of-the-art equipment!

Global Drone Video uses only state-of-the-art equipment to capture high-definition footage and photographs at an entire different level, providing you with scenic vista shots and personal ground-level ones as well. Using a drone can open up all possibilities for an entirely new experience, taking the landscape into consideration and really capturing the size and feel of your event.

No more stress!

Worried about capturing your special day to enjoy for years to come? You have enough to worry about when it comes to planning your special event. The last thing you want is to stress over whether the day is being recorded or not. Hiring a Global Drone Video professional is one way to ensure that you can enjoy your day without putting your friends behind a photo or video camera. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself and your guests who make events like this important. This allows you the opportunity to worry about this another time so you can live in the moment.

Editing is up to you!

Some companies are willing to get the footage and edit it themselves, leaving you with footage from your big day but maybe not exactly the way you want it remembered. Global Drone Video captures the moments in stunning high-definition while you enjoy yourself, but then hands it over to you to tailor your perfect day. Not to leave you in the dark of course, but to create a final product that focuses in on exactly what you want to be. Experts will help you along with this process, while giving you the artistic license to create the perfect rendition of your special day.

Totally unique experience!

Those ground-level shots of your guests are great, but how about transforming your day into a totally unique viewing experience? Drone equipment can reach new heights typically unheard of in the world of videography. Capture the vast expanse of landscape or unique shot of hundreds of guests to create a visual masterpiece.

Captured to enjoy for years to come!

Recording and videography is often an element that is overlooked when it comes to special event planning. Sure you just want to worry about getting the day to unfold smoothly, but what about remembering your special day down the road is just as important. Global Drone Video’s experts will make sure your day will be remembered. Visit for more information.