How Do Drones Work?

Mar 4, 2015 | All About Drones, General

Drones have actually been around for quite a few years. Rock stars love them and the military uses drones to deliver supplies and have even used them in combat missions as well. Recently however, drones have moved into being more than military weapons. They are being used for real estate now, and though there is a ton of controversy surrounding the change, it seems to be working out fine. Read on below for some information on drones, what they are, and how they work.

What is a Drone?

The first thing that needs to be explained is exactly what a drone is. A drone is said to refer to any type of unmanned aerial vehicle, also known as an UAV. These come in all shapes, sizes, and colors though they are usually in the form of a helicopter or a small airplane.

These little miracles are flown remotely and according to the model you buy can reach anywhere from two to over 200 kilometers in range. They are also equipped with cameras, so that they can be monitored as they go about whatever they are being used for.

What do These Drones have to do with Real Estate?

Drones are a high tech tool and real estate agents everywhere are cashing in on the market. The drones are being used to capture the true beauty of the properties that real estate agents are trying to sell, as they can be used to take high quality photographs from the air. The videos that the drones take are helping many more properties sell than ever before.

How do Drones and Drone Photography Work?

Drones may look like toy airplanes but they are much more complicated than that. Most of the drones require that you have two operators that have been trained to handle the drone. This is not the same as flying a remote control toy plane and crashing one has much more dire consequences. One of the operators is in charge of controlling where the plane goes and the other operator is in control of the camera itself. The camera operator has a monitor as well that helps him see exactly what the camera is seeing at all times.

Are Drones Legal?

Of course, as with anything else on the market today, drones have their own set of detractors. The debate over whether the drones should be used by real estate agents in America rages on, with the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, fighting the legalization of the drones at every turn. So far, the real estate agents are getting by with flying the drones, but the outcome of this debate remains to be seen.

This is just a little information on drones, what they are, and how they work. From being used by the military to real estate agents using them to sell properties, drones seem to be the wave of the future. Who knows, they might even be available for everyone in the world to buy before very long.