Copyright Compliance Issues with Event Videography

Jan 6, 2016 | Event Aerial Videography

So you’ve done all of the work required to create a stunning video of your recent special event. Your wedding was a success, your anniversary party was a hit, your birthday had an awesome turnout, whatever the occasion was, you and a professional videographer rose to the occasion to produce a truly breathtaking final product to be enjoyed for years to come. The visuals were on point, got a great shot of grandma and grandpa holding hands by the pool, so perfect! Even the music was selected carefully, until wait…copyright issues start appearing here and there, photo-bombing your perfect event and turning your video into a legal headache. Have no fear! Global Drone Video is here to help!

The experts at Global Drone Video are in the business of tending to all of your drone videography needs. Whether it be wedding videography or any type of special event videography, they know exactly how to handle all of the pesky copyright issues. After all, they are professionals who deal with these things every day. It is their goal to help you create the ultimate video experience to relive your special event, and can be trusted with your questions.

Surrendering your awesome footage to copyright issues would be the ultimate bummer ending to your otherwise flawless event. Questions that arise in terms of music rights are typical when it comes to this new technology. Those sweeping takes of the landscape and hundreds of guests present would be perfectly suited with the perfect song, but there are questions of artists’ rights and licenses that need to be dealt with. You are not the first to come upon these types of issues, but the professionals at Global Drone Video are here to assist you in this process and serve as the middle man to any licensing and copyright barriers, legally. They are not here to cut corners, but to ensure that you are not doing anything unlawful.

Music is not the only thing that can be flagged for copyright. Advertising and promotional material are also in question, and your videos must be compliance with this rule. Your footage must be for personal use only, not to be broadcasted or shown to the general public on a large scale to promote or advertise. This rule sounds strict, but it is in the best interest of everyone involved. There are rules in place for a reason, and it is best not to question the law in matters like this or you may find yourself in the middle of a copyright battle in which you probably won’t win.

Sure, these rules and regulations may seem to be sucking the creativity out of your final product. But the good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case. Allowing professionals form Global Drone Video to oversee your event will prevent (unintentional) legal trouble from happening in the first place, granting you the peace of mind that everything is done lawfully and responsibly. Visit for more information.