Can I Use Drone Videography With a Traditional Wedding Photographer?

Nov 4, 2015 | Aerial Videography for Weddings

Looking for a way to make your traditional wedding photos stand out from the rest? Or maybe you are just trying to revolutionize the wedding photograph experience? Utilizing drone videography in conjunction with a traditional wedding photographer will let you have the best of both world—the new and the old. On your wedding day you want to ensure that every breathtaking moment is captured. Every tear, every smile, every laugh, and every life-crushing hug, so in this article we will discuss why you can use drone videography with a traditional wedding photographer.

Have your bases covered

Having both a traditional wedding photographer and drone videography will allow you to have all of your bases covered. If something goes wrong with one—the photographer calls out or the drone malfunctions for instance—then you will still have the other to fall back on. Having both will also diversify the photos from your wedding. You will have the traditional photos from the photographer and then the one from the drone, which will offer a different and unique perspective on the whole experience. At your special event you don’t want anything to go wrong, so ensuring every precious moment is captured in multiple different views and angles will guarantee you with a sound piece of mind.


Having a drone along with a traditional wedding photographer will provide you with more options, and is usually more convenient in the long run. In conjunction with a drone, a traditional photographer will be able to lighten the load of equipment they have to lug around. A drone will also give you more freedom on location and types of photos you can take. A drone is not bound by physical location, so be creative as you want with your wedding photos and let your traditional photographer focus more on capturing the up-close, breathtaking moments.

Have a different experience

By having both a drone and traditional photographer, you will be able to create a wedding experience, and have in forever remembered through one-of-a-kind photos, that knows no rivals. With drone videography, you have the option of forgoing traditional wedding poses and set-ups. Go to unmarked locations and seek unique landscapes—a drone will be able to catch it all and more! Using both a drone and a traditional wedding photographer will allow you to collect a mesh of traditional and old, you will not have to forgo one for the other. You will have access to all perspectives and angles, ultimately allowing you to have an experience like any other.

Having the convenience and reliability of both a traditional wedding photographer and drone videography will allow your special day to proceed without any added stress or worries. Enjoy the results of your dual choice when you look back on your wedding day with personalized, unique, one-of-a-kind photos and videos. For all your drone videography needs—wedding or otherwise— visit Global Drone Video today and browse all their offered services and products!