What businesses can benefit from using aerial videography?

Dec 3, 2014 | General Aerial Videography

Aerial photography or aerial videography is the taking of photographs and videos with a camera from an aircraft, helicopter, airplane, balloon, kite, quadcopter, drone or similar vehicles or devices. This type of taking images was first used in the middle of the 19th century with the help of a balloon. During the World War I aerial photography was used for military purposes for the first time. Even today this technique is used by militaries (especially by using drones). Thanks to the advance of technology this technology is now available for commercial use too.

Aerial photography and videography can bring many benefits for different types of businesses and we will mention only few of them that can benefit in a specific way.

Movie industry – There are more and more movies that use this type of videography. Many movie directors have made some memorable scenes in their movies by using aerial videography. They usually use it to take shots from beautiful natural sites but with the right equipment and assistance they can make some amazing scenes in any place.

Contractors – Contractors who are interested in building certain structures like buildings and malls for example, can use aerial videography to survey the ground. This is the easiest and most convenient way to map out the terrain of the land and get better ideas for their future project. In this way they can also see how much space they actually have.

Construction sites – Once the project starts it is vital for construction companies to monitor the progress of their project. Sometimes the view from the ground cannot provide the right answer and this is when aerial videography comes into play. Professional videographer can take video clips from any angle you want. This type of photography will provide a clear view on the progress. This will also help construction companies to show the investor how they are working on the project and even use this footage to create some interesting promotional materials. The options are virtually limitless.

Real estate companies – This is another type of businesses which can greatly benefit from aerial videography. For example, if they need to sell some house which has a yard full of trees and some other obstructions that cover the look of the house it is better to use aerial footage to show the real beauty and value of some property. To put it in simple words, the possible buyers will see the big picture by looking at the aerial photos and videos.

Resorts – In the past few years many resorts are using the services of professional aerial videographers and that’s not a surprise. By taking videos of their facilities from the sky, the potential clients will have clearer view on the resort’s location. For example, they can see how far the resort is from the sea, lake or ski trails.

These are only some of the businesses that can benefit from using aerial videography services. If you are interested in using these services for your business, contact us today to learn more.