Benefits Of Using Aerial Videography For Weddings

Feb 25, 2015 | Aerial Videography for Weddings

Wedding days are one of those days when you want to remember all of the beautiful moments forever. However, as the time passes the memories are slowly fading away, so best way to capture those beautiful moments of your life is by making videos on your wedding day. Many couples spend lots of time searching the best wedding photographer and videographer prior their wedding. Professional photographers have many different styles and approaches in taking photographs and shooting videos at weddings, but there is one specific type that is becoming extremely popular among the couples, and that is the aerial videography. By using aerial videography, weddings and their locations can be captured in many unimaginable, amazing ways.

Aerial videography is a method of shooting videos from the ground on an elevated position. In many cases the camera is attached on some kind of drone, such as helicopter or other aircraft. There are some very advanced quad copters that can make stunning videos with their attached HD cameras. These drones are very easily maneuverable, light and quiet while in the air. The flight computer has a GPS navigation, as well as digital compass and altimeter. Usually these devices can be found in the electronic stores and their prices are not very expensive.

Why aerial videography is beneficial for the weddings? Because it can provide some fantastic views of the wedding, and it can also capture all the details in high resolution. This type of videography is widely used among couples that get married in the states of Virginia and California, due to the many beautiful outdoor places for weddings in those states. California has a very nice and sunny weather all year long, so the weddings which are shot with this method are simply beautiful. Virginia and its picturesque green parks, gardens, hills and rich nature is perfect setting for making stunning videos from the air. The bird`s eye view is very nice for shooting large area videos, where the ground videography cannot help and catch all the angles.

If you hire an aerial videographer for your wedding you can be certain that the photos and videos from your wedding will be of the highest quality, as these drones operate with HD cameras mounted on them. The quality of the videos would not be lowered, and you would be surprised how good this technique is for shooting your wedding.

There are many types of aerial videos and every one of them comes with different benefits. For example, the standard videos from the air straight down are pretty good for capturing the pathways and the land where the wedding is being held. Angle, bird-eye videos are good for making videos that capture objects and scenery in the distance. For example, if the wedding is being held by the ocean or in a forest or park you can use video photography to capture the amazing background. Close-ups also can be made with this method, so aerial videography has many great options for filming everything that needs to be filmed at your wedding.