Benefits of Using Drones for Real Estate Photography

Jul 19, 2019 | General Aerial Videography, Real Estate Aerial Videography


Learn here how using a drone for real estate photography can increase the sale of your properties.)

A powerful presentation of a property is really important when it comes to attracting buyers. And real estate photography has been serving this purpose for years.

However, savvy real estate agents have started using advanced methods like drone photography. They are becoming increasingly interested in drones for real estate.

A drone can take the shot from almost any angle to provide a detailed insight into the property, making it far more beneficial than a few pictures. Good thing is that drone is the cheapest and accessible form of aerial photography.

Drone shots keep the potential buyers engaged and provide the information they look for. Here we walk through the striking advantages of using drones for real estate photography.


Making a Property Stand Out:

Drones can take compelling aerial shots of a property along with their neighborhood. This footage can be an effective marketing content, as potential clients or tenants can easily learn about a location in a compelling format.

Drones can take the shot from any angle while in the air, thereby providing a multidimensional view of the property. Aerial videos often stand out on social media platforms and listing sites.

And one more thing—clients can see how traffic gets in and out of the area.

This will also streamline the site selection process and thereby minimize costs associated with it.


Easing the Inspections:


Drones can be a great breakthrough when it comes to real estate inspections.

Some drones can be equipped with several sensors apart from photography or videography devices. For example, thermal sensors attached to drones can sense hot or cool air being escaped from a building, letting you work over its heating and cooling efficiency. This thermal testing sensor can also help in assessing damaged property’s infrastructure and water pooling in a flat roof.

Incorporating UAVs to conduct inspections has several advantages. They can do inspections more quickly than manual methods. All they need to fly over the property from various angles.


Helping You Getting a Competitive Edge:


Aerial shots of a property are compelling and provide minute details. No wonder why real estate agents who utilize drones automatically get an advantage over their competitors. Needless to say, listings which include drone videography are more attractive than regular listings.


Being Increasingly Popular Among Clients:

Buyers know how appealing and informative this media can be when it comes to making a decision. After all, it tells the story about a property that photos can’t. For instance, drone video captures all angles of the home from the sky. It can display the vicinity of the property including backyard, roof, landscaping, and features such pool and deck. A drone video also shows off the distance of the property from parks, school, and public transportation.

This is a huge advantage as it provides the homebuyer a realistic view of the entire home and grounds.


Bottom Line:


The future of drone is very bright in real estate. By incorporating them in their marketing strategies, real estate agents can impress their potential clients and get a competitive edge as well. Simply put, they are a great tool for an attractive property presentation.

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