Benefits of aerial videography for weddings

Nov 26, 2014 | Aerial Videography for Weddings, Event Aerial Videography

The day of your wedding is certainly one of those days that you will want to remember. But, memories fade away and the best way to keep those memories is to use photos and videos on the day of the wedding. This is why so many couples spend days searching for a good professional wedding photographer. There are many ways in which these professionals shoot weddings and one type that is getting especially popular these days is aerial videography.

Aerial videography is the process of shooting videos of the ground from an elevated position. In most cases the camera is floating in the air thanks to some platform like helicopter, aircraft, balloons, dirigibles, kites, rockets etc. in the recent time more professional wedding photographers are using drones/quadcopters mounted with HD cameras to shoot weddings. This type of videography has long tradition but it became quite popular in the past years when the advance of technology allowed development of this type of videography. Remotely controlled devices are now available in all electronics stores and they usually come at low prices. It will only take short practice before anyone could take beautiful videos from this perspective.

As you are probably aware this type of videography can be used in many areas and more and more people choose this type of videos for their weddings too. They are usually added to the standard wedding photo package. In case you are wondering why you would use aerial videography for your wedding we would like to present few benefits of this type of videography for weddings.

First and foremost, aerial videography can provide some stunning views from the wedding. These angles and this position cannot be viewed by people from the ground. For example, if your wedding takes place outside you can view the guests as they arrive on the ceremony. This bird’s eye view is good for shooting videos of larger areas where ground photography and videography can’t help. You can view the beautiful venue from the sky.

When you choose to hire an aerial videographer you can be sure that you will get high quality photos because these are regular cameras mounted on some device. You won’t lower the quality of th videos or photos by using this technique.

There are several types of aerial videos and each of them comes with different benefits. For example, the standard straight down aerial video provides beautiful overview of the paths, land etc. Angle shots are useful for videos that want to capture distant objects. For example, if your wedding is taking place close to some park or forest, you can use aerial videography to film the beautiful background. Of course, you can use it for close-ups too. This videography can reveal features as as 10 miles from the main site.

With the help of professional videographers, such as Global Drone Video, you can expect to get a video to remember. We can process the video and create a recording with the best moments of your wedding.