All About the Evolution of Drones for Popular Use

Aug 19, 2015 | All About Drones, General Aerial Videography

Everyone knows that drones have been used to wreak mayhem on the battlefield for quite a while now, what many people don’t realize is that drones are quickly moving towards becoming an extremely popular vehicle for popular use as well. The public perception of these drones is still mostly geared toward them being used by the military; however, they are now being used for everything from tracking hurricanes to getting immersed in a first person view of your latest hobby with goggles.

Below you will find some information about the evolution of drones for popular use and some of the most popular uses for it today.

Good or Bad for Civilian Use

With the evolution of the drone from being strictly, a military machine to it being a way to see what type of home improvements you need to make from the air, many experts think that drones being released to the public will quickly drop into people being able to spy on one another in a legal way.

Many experts however, see it as a great way for hobbyists to enjoy their hobbies up close and personal and the use of these drones has been said to help real estate agents sell homes in a quicker and easier manner already.

What are Some of the Most Popular Uses?

There are many popular uses for drones that you might not be aware. With the evolution of drones from military to civilian use, it opens up many other uses as well. Read on below for a few of them.

Hurricane Hunting

Hurricane hunting is a very dangerous job for the storm chasers who live for the chase. However, they risk life and limb every time they go into the path of destruction. Drones are able to fly into these hurricanes without risk to human life and study them instead.

Protecting Wildlife

The government of course, already uses drones to protect wildlife, but now other wildlife refuges and other organizations that are out to protect animals can use this outstanding technology as well. This will help to make great strides towards protecting the remaining wildlife on the earth as well.

Search and Rescue

A drone has already been used in one search and rescue attempt. In 2013, a person in a car accident in Canada was saved by the Mounties using a drone to find him. This could well be the best way to find missing children that are lost in the mountains or the woods and should put to rest the arguments that drones should not be used for public use.

These are just a few of the uses and a little about the evolution of drones for popular use. From protecting wildlife to search and rescue, drones are not just doing the military a service anymore; they can do the general public a service as well. The debate will rage, but in the end, it looks like drones for popular use are here to stay.