A Unique Wedding Gift: Drone Aerial Videography

May 6, 2015 | General Aerial Videography

In today’s world, couples who are getting married are tending to lean toward the creative, instead of the traditional. If you are looking to help with the wedding of your daughter, son, or even just a close friend, you might want to consider the unique wedding gift of drone aerial videography. Below you will find some reasons that drone videography makes a great gift for weddings.

Reasons to give Drone Aerial Videography as a Gift

If you are the type that doesn’t want to give the traditional, then drone aerial videography as a wedding present is a unique way to go. Many couples regret the pictures and videos that they take of their wedding day, because they get an amateur to take them and they turn out grainy or choppy. Drone aerial videography is known to be crystal clear, for a wedding video that the couple will love to look back on in years to come.

The Benefits of Using Drone Aerial Videography

There are many benefits to using drone aerial videography for weddings. A few of them are listed below.

  • Using a drone helps you to capture those shots that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to, unless you had someone photographing from a helicopter
  • The video that a drone takes is 100% better than the photographers you can hire
  • The cost is well-worth it in the end
  • The memories will be crystal clear for many, many years to come, even when your children’s grandchildren want to look back on the memories of the couple they idolize
  • It is a unique gift that no one else will be giving the couple; you will be one of a kind.

The Drawbacks of Using Drone Aerial Videography

Of course, as with any type of photography, there are going to be drawbacks, even with this technology. Read on below for a few of the drawbacks of giving drone aerial videography as a wedding gift.

  • You may still need to hire a photographer for some shots, just to be sure that you have a backup for the gift that you are giving.
  • Using a drone is very dependent on the weather. Ideal conditions are actually sunny days, outside, with clear skies.
  • Drone photography is used to add too, not replace your photographers on the ground
  • Even top of the line drones only have 15 minutes of battery power before they need to changed, so you need a photographer to cover the ground while you are reloading.

Drone wedding videography is the wave of the future and is becoming more and more popular with couples who are planning a creative wedding. If you are looking for the perfect unique wedding gift for the couple you love, giving drone wedding videography is the thing to do. From getting the shots that a photographer cannot to the video being clear and memorable, there is nothing like this unique gift to put you at the top of the charts with the wedding couple of your choice.