A Memory of a Lifetime: Your Event Captured With Drone Videography

Apr 22, 2015 | Event Aerial Videography


Drones have become extremely popular lately for everything from weddings to real estate. The days when you had to have someone follow your guests around with a video camera are long gone, and now everyone can enjoy the event without knowing that someone if following them around videotaping their every move.

Drones and drone videography were once only used by the military in military procedures, now it has become common for drones to be used for everything from catching celebrities in action to helping real estate agents sell their homes. Now, you can use drone videography for any event that you can afford to get one for. Read on below for some events where you might want to hire a drone to get the memories you want on video.

For Weddings

If you have ever seen photos from people’s weddings that were grainy and cut off, then you know that drone videography is the way to go. There is also nothing worse than having a video of your wedding that is choppy and jumps up and down, distorting the images as you try to watch it. If you hire a drone to cover the wedding for you, you will be sure to have amazing video for whenever you want to relive the happiest day of your life.

For Birthdays

If you don’t want to miss even a moment of your three year olds birthday party, from the clown to the cutting of the cake, then you will want to hire a drone to capture it all. Many parent’s look back on their children’s birthdays and are upset because they missed so much, with drone videography you will not miss anything at all and can watch it over and over whenever you feel the need. From the 1st birthday to the 18th and beyond, you can be sure that you record it all in stunning color.

For Graduation

Graduation is the perfect time to use drone videography to capture one of the most important moments of your child’s life. If you have ever attended a graduation, then you know how hard it is to take pictures without getting someone in the way or having the video be of poor quality. If you have a drone to video your child’s graduation, you are assured that the video will be of amazing quality and that you can view it at any time in the future.

Concerts and Fireworks Shows

Concerts and fireworks shows are events where you do not want to be running around with a video camera in your hand. You want only the best, so using drone videography is the best way to go.

These are just a few of the events that you should use drone videography for. From graduation to weddings, drone videography has proven that it is the best for making memories that last. If you aren’t sure about this type of video, you can contact Global Drone Video for more information today.