7 Unique Ways to Utilize Drone Videography

Oct 15, 2015 | General Aerial Videography

In a time of instantaneous perfection, it’s imperative to utilize the latest and greatest technologies available to us. When looking to photograph or record an event, tour, structure, or other miscellaneous excursions, it can be tough to find the proper professional to suit your needs. With the stress of delivering a quality product every time, having a scuttling photographer or videographer running around the scene isn’t always ideal. That’s where Drone Videography comes into the picture. With services ranging from Real Estate Videography, to Wedding Videography, and Virtual Tour Videography, Drones are the perfect way to capture and secure your memories and project, without the hassle of trying to find the right person for the job. In this article, we will discuss in what ways Drone Videography is right for you, so you can get the job done right the first time, every time.


1) Aerial Videography for Real Estate: When capturing the beauty of a structure, it can be hard to obtain every angle, corner, and the picture of perfection of your building or property on foot. By utilizing Drone Videography, you have the freedom to move quickly, freely and accurately to assess and take proper pictures with the best perception and stunning outcomes.


2) 3D Tours, Construction, and Surveying: While managing a construction site, scheduling several reviews and showings of the project can become expensive and timely. With Drone Videography, you can review the project as progress is made, without making physical contact with the site. This method is extremely efficient and effective


3) Aerial Event Coverage: From weddings to birthdays and parties alike, Aerial Event Coverage is one of the most convenient forms of Drone Videography. Wedding Videography is the perfect way to capture beautiful memories without worrying about accidentally capturing scuttling photographers running around attempting to freeze the best moment in time.


4) Action and Extreme Sports: To get the best, “in the action” shots, Drone Videography, and Photography is the way to go. From perfect aerial shots to show the intensity of the moment, to frontal view photos of breathtaking movement, you won’t miss any shots with this method.


5) Tourism: When tourism arrives and it is time to display the habit and all of its natural, beautiful surroundings; it is best to choose a method that doesn’t act as a stimulus to the environment. Without disturbing the natural flow of things, you are able to completely capture the entirety of surroundings and the beauty within, without ever stepping foot in the area. By choosing this method, you greater increase the odds of seeing a natural phenomenon.


6) TV, Commercial and Film: When capturing the perfect scene, having the freedom to navigate freely is key. To catch the dramatic moments and movements, the best angles, lighting and timing, Drone Videography is the most convenient form of recording for these purposes.


7) Video Promotion and Marketing: When you need the best marketing and promotion, look into Drone Videography. For the best freedom of expression and the easiest video editing and touch-up services, a drone will be the easiest method of use and the best quality production.


Drone Videography has many uses, all of which are incredibly beneficial for your every need and desire. No matter what services are required, Drone will have you covered with the most efficient, effective and high-quality service available.