6 UNSURPRISING Benefits of Drones

Jul 31, 2019 | General Aerial Videography

From capturing sporting events to pizza deliveries, a drone has multiple roles to play. Innovation in drone technology is lowering costs and making it simpler to use, making drones accessible to the masses.

Many of the drones we see at beaches and skies are being operated by hobbyists to capture videos or photo, but drones are evolving in the commercial sector as well. In other words, the use of drones has gone beyond amusement to something purposeful.

Here is how drone aiding various purposes or goals.


Minimizing Potential Risks:


One of the popular uses of a drone it to inspect tall and complex buildings, especially the inspections of facilities like oil and gas refineries, pipelines and flare stacks. This way, it not only let the authorities to monitor such risk-prone structures but also minimizes the need for workers to manually access hostile environments, where height, waves, wind, and weather can risk their health.


Fetching Up in-Depth and Higher Detail Data:


Drones can navigate very close structures, letting them capture every detail. They can capture high-resolution images or 4K video that clearly show imperfections, damages, faulty wires and other defects from the angles that humans can’t. With them, there is no need to expose the inspection team to threats.


Carrying Out Majority of Inspections:


Drones can meet a variety of inspection needs as they can perform investigation from any altitude, any angle. Moreover, they can be equipped with a variety of tools, making them appropriate for endless applications.

This is very beneficial for building developers and rooftop inspections. Drones can capture photos, videos, thermal images, transmit data and other functions that let them collect and share data that would be time-consuming and risky with traditional methods.


Aiding Marketing and Advertising:


Marketing and Advertising for drone

There are many ways marketers can use a drone to elevate their marketing and advertising efforts. From aerial mapping, wedding photography, flying banner, real estate to surveying, a drone has revolutionized the marketing world.  Architecture can use them to take aerial footage and photos to map out entire areas. Real estate companies can use them to provide a 360-degree view of properties to encourage potential homebuyers. Drones are increasingly popular for wedding photography. Travel and tourism industry can use them to capture an enchanting view of a certain city, state, and country. Using such videos can boost an area’s tourism.

Saving Time and Money:

Drones are used for aerial photography and inspection. Before these UAVs, hiring a helicopter is the only way which is expensive and time-consuming. With the introduction of drones, it is easy as well as flexible to meet these purposes. They are cheaper than the fraction of the cost of a helicopter and easily available as well.

Supporting the Disaster Relief Work:

Natural and man-made disasters also make condition challenging for relief workers when it comes to accessing areas to assist. Here comes drone. They are really useful where relief team and manned vehicles fall short.

In March 2011, a powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami to hit Japan, leading to severe damage to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Drones were used on large scale access the extent of the destruction.

After the 2015 Nepal earthquake, drones helped in creating 3D maps and model through image processing software to assess the damage, search and evacuation missions. Recuse team also use them to deliver supplies and established communication to the isolated areas due to disaster or attack.