5 Ways Drone Videography Is Different from Regular Videography

Mar 19, 2017 | All About Drones

Drones used to be something the military used for combat. They were, for a long, long time, robots designed for combat. Although, with the invention of the GoPro camera and the rise of video sharing sites, drones are becoming more and more common. It’s not too strange seeing people with a remote-controlled helicopter drone on a nice, sunny day, recording their surroundings. It is uncommon to not see video footage of extreme sports from a bird’s eye view, thanks to a video drone.

With the rise of drone videos, it is no wonder that there are drones being sold in major electronic stores. Around Christmas time, the video drones go off of store shelves rather quickly. Everyone wants to get their hands on this cool, new device.

For those who don’t want to buy a drone for just filming an event, there are a few companies that will have their own drone video services. One such company is Global Drone Video, based in Irvine, California. Global Drone’s services can be used for weddings, company events and much more. It is great for those who don’t know how to use drones either.

In a lot of ways, drone videos are going to replace traditional videography, drones are getting more and more popular. Without question, they are completely different from what traditional video used to be.

Less Time to Set Up

Aside from battery charging, popping in an SD card and finding the right area to take off from, drones won’t be as time-consuming when setting them up. A user won’t need to change the focus, have to use a tripod and microphone or anything related to that. 

Can Be Used Autonomously

One of the best things about drones is the fact that they can be put on auto-pilot, depending on what kind of model they are. This has its users focusing less on how to get the perfect shot, as the drone can find more than a few “perfect” shots.

Can Cover More Area

Helicopter drones are able to rise up several hundred feet and circle around a particular area, either with help from the user controlling it or by setting up to go around the area by itself. Drone videography can cover a lot more than a regular video could.

Sounds Different, Literally

Drones can pick up great aerial shots and don’t require a whole lot of maintenance, but sound can be difficult to pick up. With flying so high, drones have relatively weak microphones so they cannot hear anything. In fact, there are some drones that do not have microphones at all.

Video Quality Can Vary

This depends mostly on the type of drone being used. The less money spent on one, the worse the video quality and vice versa. However, bad drone video quality is infinitely worse than bad regular video quality. It is good to invest in a halfway decent video drone if you are looking to use it a lot.

Video drones are slowly becoming the way of the future and they show no signs of stopping. It will only be a matter of time until everyone can master these robots to film all kinds of events and family gatherings.