5 Important Filming Tips for Drone Videography

Nov 25, 2015 | General Aerial Videography

Do you prefer using drones that fly around everywhere to record your videos? If so, then you definitely want to know how to use them correctly. Flying drones can be a really helpful tool when trying to capture a wide range of Read on to discover five important filming tips that will help you better your drone videography.

  1. Buy a Dependable Drone 

Do not waste your money buying a cheap drone that will not help you accomplish anything. Invest in a drone that is sturdy and is going to give you videos for a long time to come. Also make sure that the drone has a fairly long battery life as you don’t want to have to keep the thing on a charger and have the video filmed in a stationary position.

  1. Don’t Have the Drone Fly Around Too Much

You want the drone to fly around just enough to get some good shots and get a good layout of the field on video. However, if it flies around too much, then you could get blurry images and the battery could die a lot quicker.

  1. Use the Drone’s Backlight

If you are filming at night, then you want the drone to be able to pick up on everything in the dark. If the drone has an attached backlight or it has a night vision option, then use it. That way, you can film during both day and night.

  1. See Through the Drone’s Eyes 

Have a screen with you that shows you exactly what the drone is seeing at all times. You do not want to have any surprises when you open up the drone and take the video chip out of it. Use the screen to properly adjust your drone’s angle, alignment and placement.

  1. Edit the Video 

Once you take the chip out of the drone, install the software into your computer and then upload the date from the chip. This will allow you access to everything that the drone recorded so that you can edit the video to your liking. Make sure to use a high quality video editing software and that your sound mixing is up to par. The last thing you want is a poor quality video after all of the time that it took to make it.

Drones are one of the technologies this generation has been blessed with and they are not to be taken lightly. Although they are small, these little drones pack a huge capacity for videography in them. They will fly around and film your video wherever you tell them to, so make sure to charge up your drone’s battery before letting it fly around snapping pictures and taking videos. If you want to buy a drone for your videography, they aren’t cheap. However, the investment can save you a lifetime of worrying about moving your camera whenever something is too far away to capture. Drones are also great for surveillance. No matter what you use your drone for, these tips will help you become a better drone videographer.