10 Tips for Successful Event Videography

Dec 2, 2015 | Event Aerial Videography

As an event videographer, it is your job to capture each scene successfully. However, it is might also be your job to do the sound mixing and to edit everything, depending on how much help you get. If you want your event videography to be successful, then follow these ten tips on how to make that happen.

  1. Have a Good Camera

Coming to an event with a handheld camera that is low quality and is sensitive to shaking is not going to make your videography successful. Get a good camera that records everything in HD.

  1. Have a Sturdy Camera Stand

A camera is only as good as the thing holding it. Make sure you place your camera on a camera stand that you know has a low risk of falling.

  1. Zoom In and Out During the Event

You don’t want to catch every single part of the event in a zoom in or a zoom out. Alternate your zooms so that you zoom in on the important parts and zoom out to catch audience’s reactions.

  1. Mix the Sound

You can do a good sound mixing job by lowering the voices of the audience and passersby and raising the volume of the speakers and musical talent at the event. Also, put some songs over montages or unimportant parts of the video if you think it will add to the aesthetic of the video.

  1. Don’t Just Record the Important Parts

Have a little bit of everything in your video. While the important parts are… well… important, it is also crucial to capture the unimportant, mundane parts of the event to contrast with the other parts.

  1. Get Good Lighting

Don’t set your camera up in an area where there is a lot of shade and bad lighting. You want to get the best lighting you can, so set your camera up in an area where you know you can see everything.

  1. Interview People

Having some interviews cut into the video here and there regarding the event may help the viewers of the video understand the context of the event.

  1. Use Professional Editing Software

Try not to use an editing software like windows movie maker if you are making a high quality video. Many people, especially filmmakers, will be able to tell you used low quality video editing software because of the types of cuts and special effects used.

  1. Cut Out Unnecessary Parts

If there is something in the video that you don’t like or doesn’t really add to the video as a whole, then take it out. It isn’t needed and will just take up unnecessary runtime.

  1. Have Fun

Don’t make it a chore to create your video. If this is something that you love, then have fun with it and make it your own. You have the creative license here. It’s your video.

Event videography can be easy if you follow these ten tips. You will soon be well on your way to creating successful, professional event videos.