Josh Bois


Passionate tech entrepreneur who has owned and managed several media companies for over 12 years. With Fortune 500 clients along with celebrities and startup entrepreneurs all over the world Josh Bois has had the chance to assist in hundreds of exciting web and video projects. He brings with him an extensive network of producers, talent, influencers, executives, and consultants that will ensure your project goes from planning to final execution smoothly.


Mike Pizzolato


With over 20 years in the video production, editing, and media space, Michael Pizzolato has had the chance to help produce video content for Fortune 500 brands like Mercedes and inspirational public figures like Tony Robbins. From helicopter filming to quadcopters, Mike has the experience to take Global Drone Video to new heights.

We are always looking for new global skilled team members

At the core of our International Aerial Videography business are the drone operators themselves. They must be technical enough to understand proper drone flying best-practices while also understanding the goal of their work which is to film from above according to customer needs. We work hard to ensure our team is always learning, practicing, and building upon their skillset.

If you have a background in aviation and film, or similar skillsets we are interested in speaking to you to potentially add you to our global video production talent resource network!


  1. Experienced, capable, and always looking to continue learning.

  2. Responsible with our expensive video production equipment.

  3. Knowledgeable in the field and art of professional videography.

  4. Strong inter-personal, leadership, and team-work skills.

Videographers are another very core asset to a professional video production company.  We look for several factors when hiring for our video team including:

Years of experience, your video reel/portfolio, education and background, work habits & ethic, ability to work well with others.

Whether we are filming in Los Angeles, London, or Dubai we need to know that our videographers are going to be prepared, focused, and on-point throughout the entire shoot. Our filming crew has worked with Fortune 500 brands that demand precision, class and skill and we expect nothing less than that same methodology regardless of a client’s size, budget, or production needs.

A video production’s success isn’t just reliant on the videographer or the editing crew. Depending on the size of the job, it may require a dedicated audio crew, lighting crew, makeup team, grips, production assistants, directors, location scouts, and more.

We are always looking for experienced talent that understands the ins-and-outs of our industry and that can be an asset when on set whether that is on a roof-top, inside a mansion, by the beach, or any other potential shoot location!

We couldn’t exist without our clients! Because of this we have dedicated staff to ensure your project is given the attention to details it needs throughout the entire process. Individuals in the account-manager position help to oversee the client-onboarding process from researching their location, to understanding their needs, goals of the video production, all the way to the finalized product and then working with the marketing team to ensure it is syndicated and marketed online.

Filming and editing the perfect video is only so useful if you can’t reach your target audience with it! Therefore, we have a dedicated marketing team focused on helping you improve the visibility of your video, spreading it in relevant areas around your locale or the globe, and optimizing it to get picked up by other outlets, the press, journalists, and more.

In an ever-evolving day and age of online technology and video networks, our team must stay vigilant to remain cutting-edge in our approaches to getting your video out. Speak to a marketing consultant today to find out how we can spread the word about your video and deliver your message to the masses.

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