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Orange County is the third most populous county in California and the sixth most populous in the United States of America. It is home to some of the world’s most stunning landscapes which include gorgeous sandy beaches and lush expansive farms. It is also home to a unique and rich blend of businesses and activities. No matter what your reasons may be for needing reliable and efficient videos or stills shot from above, Global Drone Video is here to provide you with complete aerial video services in Orange County.

When we say complete aerial video services in Orange County, we literally mean every word of it! No matter where you call us or for what, we will be there. From the densely populated urban centers packed with skyscrapers to the more suburban areas, we have all the right tools and team members who will ensure that every single detail you want captured is seized.

We cater to all kinds of clients who come to us with a diverse set of requests. Our complete aerial video services include business related assignments such as filming of large scale construction projects for tracking and management purposes, outdoor corporate event coverage and filming for television commercials and shows. We also work with film production companies that want high resolution, panoramic or wide angle aerial videography that involves complex and artistic shots.

We are also available for aerial photography and video coverage of all sorts of personal events such as weddings, reunions and birthdays. Aside from these frequently asked for services, we have also had the good fortune of working on slightly more challenging and demanding projects which come around every once in a while and require a completely different approach to filming. Take for example assisting search and rescue mission teams by providing them a bird’s eye view of the targeted region but with enough visual depth and detail that it helps them effectively achieve results. Tourism related videos and photos are also similar in this sense. We provide crystal clear footage in HD so that your audience can relate to all kinds of exotic and interesting locations.

You can also hire us to cover all types of sports events. We have all the latest gadgets that help us to immortalize high speed and energetic sporting moments in all their grandeur. Whether it is a local competition or a world class championship, we are determined to bring you the best close ups and action shots that you can expect in the industry.

Global Drone Video not only offers its clients a range of complete aerial video shooting services but also editing and marketing facilities. You can choose from a multitude of options that will allow you to personalize the footage in any way you want. We simply don’t just shoot the footage; we stay with our clients till the very last step of the execution process as well. As per the needs of the client, we will link the videos to some of the most well-known online video portals for maximum exposure and also provide SEO services if required.

All of our aerial video services are reasonably priced which make us amongst the most competitive firms for the job in all of Orange County.

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