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We, at Global Drone Video, are committed to providing our clients with all sorts of aerial videography solutions. We are just a simple phone call away and are ever ready to travel all over North Virginia and the Washington DC area to help you capture on film whatever you need.

We at global drone video are defined by the fact that our aerial videography solutions are not limited to a number of uses or industries. Our purpose and mission is to explore the vast and exhaustive scope of this service which can practically be used in any field and by anyone who requires footage (both still and video) shot from above ground level.

We have some of the most talented professionals in the region on our panel that are well acquainted with all the basics of aerial videography such as light, speed, angles and altitude. They are also extremely experienced when it comes to the more technical and complicated aspects such as rising shots and establishing shots. Our latest gadgets and use of innovative techniques lets us film using remote controlled drones which can be used even when we are exceptionally pressed for space.

Global Drone Video aerial videography solutions are systematic end to end processes which take care of everything from the moment the client signs us on till they feel perfectly satisfied with the final and finished product.

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Showcase Construction Progress or For Sale Readiness

Our aerial videography solutions include fully trained production crew and grip teams on request. No matter where your project is located within North Virginia and Washington DC, our skilled team of makeup artists, lighting technicians, audio recorders and location scouts will put together every little piece of the project ensuring you get exactly what you want.

With so many options and facilities, there is absolutely nothing that cannot be done. We give equal attention to projects of all scales and type and look forward to working on new and exciting projects. We understand the unique needs of each kind of assignments and offer personalized approaches to aerial videography.

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Indoor and outdoor private events such as wedding and birthdays will get the treatment that is best suit to them while commercial projects such as 3D tours (online city tours and tours of college campuses) and mapping will be handled in a way that is specific to them. Our facilities can be used for absolutely any number of things such as filming and live telecast of sports and competitions (such as marathons or surfing competitions) to shoots for movies and television shows and much more. We also provide aerial videography services for institutions and entities that need visual information, for example, the fire department in case of a large and rapidly spreading fire and real estate projects that want to remain up to date with construction progress. The use of aerial videography as a measure of safety through surveillance is also quite common and effective since technological advancements have made it possible for real time communication to take place.

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Our aerial videography facilities are also amongst the most reasonably priced in North Virginia and Washington DC as we offer different packages which can be adapted to various situations. We believe in optimized solutions that are tailor made for the client so that you save both, money and time.